Pocket Mini-Keys

Hello and greetings! You have reached the original internet home of Whiterook Pocket Mini Keys. This page and URL has been online since October 1996! So we no doubt have some very old links still on the web. Whiterook Products has been making mini telegraph keys, iambic paddles, single lever paddles, and morse code keyers for CW operation since 1995.

Our new home on the internet is

ElectronicsUSA.com is also very well known for Digital Clocks and Digital Timers. In fact, that is our main business these days. We offer selectable 12 or 24 hour LED clocks, and dual time zone clocks - great for Ham Radio!

Please visit the following pages on ElectronicsUSA.com.

Whiterook Ham Radio Product Page : Ham Radio page on our website.

Whiterook Mini Telegraph Keys and CW Paddles