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for the
Personal Online Golf Score Keeper
Notepad System.

Copyright © 1996  
Trudy Miller    

"My first eagle!"
"If only I hadn't triple putted on number 11...."
"The people in front of us were so slow!"
"I had a 36 going into the back nine ......"

Sound familiar? Are you a golfer or is your partner a golfer? Now you (or the golfer in your life) can keep track of your golf games in a unique way. With the Personal Online Golf Scorekeeper and Notepad you can record your score and some notes about this round of golf. Record the birdies and the bogeys - the agony and the ecstasy - whatever you want to remember.

It's easy and it's fun. You will see a dynamic graph of your past scores, with a moving average to show your progress. You can even add links to other pages of interest.

Try it out by taking some practice swings on the driving range. If you still have questions, ask the pro. Then register now for a personal scorekeeper. Get one for yourself, or give one as the perfect gift for the online golfer. Or do both!

Have fun, and remember - golf IS just a game. (Isn't it?)