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How do I register for the MAT or retake the exam?

MAT registration is directly through any of the testing service's controlled testing centers. A complete list of MAT testing centers is available at the official MAT website. For each testing center, the list provides a telephone contact number and indicates whether the MAT is administered there as a paper-and-pencil test, a computer-based test, or both.

Each MAT testing center determines its own registration procedures, testing dates, and fees. You must contact a testing center directly to register for the exam or to obtain information about that center's fees and schedule of testing dates.

About two weeks after you take either the computer-based or paper-and-pencil MAT, the testing service will mail you a form that includes three parts:

  • Your personal Score Report

  • A Transcript Request Form (to request that an Official Transcript be sent to one or more institutions in addition to those you designated as score recipients when you took the exam)

  • A Retest Admission Ticket for Paper-and-Pencil Versions of the MAT

If you took the paper-and-pencil version of the MAT and wish to retake the paper-and-pencil test, you must present the Retest Admission Ticket at the time of retesting. This ticket provides the exam administrator with the information he or she needs to ensure that you will not be retaking the same test form again (another test that contains the same questions).

In order to retake the MAT, you must make a new appointment and pay the appropriate fee, as determined independently by each controlled testing center.

The information on this page is intended only as an overview. For complete, up-to-date information about MAT registration, retaking the exam, and related topics, consult the current MAT Candidate Information Booklet (CIB), available in PDF format at the official MAT website.