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The LSAT Writing Sample — Testing Procedures and Rules

The LSAT Writing Sample section is always administered last — after all of the test's multiple-choice sections. Here are the key procedural rules for this final section of the LSAT:

  • You'll be given a separate test booklet for the Writing Sample. The booklet will contain the writing prompt and one lined page for writing your response. Attached to that page will be a carbonless copy page, which you can remove and keep as a personal copy of your writing sample.

  • The time limit is 35 minutes — the same as for each of the other exam sections.

  • Scratch paper is provided (but only for this portion of the LSAT).

  • You must use only the black-ink pens that are provided for writing your essay in the Writing Sample booklet (but pencils are allowed for note-taking and outlining on your scratch paper).