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LSAT Testing Procedures and Rules

Here are the basic rules all test takers must follow while sitting for the LSAT:

  • During each timed section, you may work only on that section. You are not permitted to work ahead or to return to any previous section.

  • You can mark in your test booklet, but you earn credit for a correct answer only by filling in the appropriate "bubble" on a separate answer sheet.

  • Scratch paper is provided only for the Writing Sample section.

  • You may bring pencils and highlighters for use during any section of the exam. Pens are not permitted for the multiple-choice sections.

  • Black-ink pens are provided for the Writing Sample section. You must use these pens to write your essay in the Writing Sample booklet.

  • Cell phones, PDAs, and timing devices that might make noises are all prohibited. (Silent timing devices such as standard wristwatches are permitted.)