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LSAT Practice — Logical Reasoning

Question 3

Diane: As we both know, the population of this country is aging. Elderly people generally prefer not to live in harsh climates characterized by extreme temperatures. Accordingly, in this country's coastal regions, where the climate is generally most temperate, the population is likely to grow, while other regions are likely to suffer population declines.

Paul: I disagree. With few exceptions, regions where the climate is harsh are characterized by comparatively low living costs, a compelling factor for retired people with little savings and on fixed incomes.

Which of the following is the most likely point of disagreement between Diane and Paul?

  1. the reason for the population shift toward coastal areas and away from other regions
  2. whether the country's current decline in overall population will continue into the forseeable future
  3. why older people find certain regions where the climate is harsh attractive places to live
  4. whether regions characterized by harsh climates are likely to experience population declines in the foreseeable future
  5. the extent to which coastal regions are affordable places to live for retired people

Explanatory Answer

The evidence that Paul presents serves to refute Diane's prediction of a population shift away from regions with harsh climates and toward coastal areas — a prediction with which he expressly disagrees. The correct answer is (D).

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