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The Overall Structure of the LSAT

The LSAT consists of five multiple-choice sections followed by a Writing Sample section. Each of these six exam sections runs 35 minutes. Here's the overall LSAT structure:


Sections 1-5 (multiple-choice):

  • Logical Reasoning (25-26 questions, 35 min.)
  • Analytical Reasoning (23-24 questions, 35 min.)
  • Reading Comprehension (27-28 questions, 35 min.)
  • Logical Reasoning (25-26 questions, 35 min.)
  • Unscored section (23-28 questions, 35 min.)

Writing Sample (1 essay, 35 min.)

TOTAL TESTING TIME: 3 hours, 30 minutes

Note the following important features of this exam structure:
  • The Writing Sample exercise is always administered last (after all other exam sections).
  • The five multiple-choice sections can appear in any order — not just the order shown above.
  • The LSAT includes not just one but two scored Logical Reasoning sections, which means that this question format accounts for about half of all exam questions.

The unscored section (often called the variable section) is used to pretest (try out) new questions, which may or may not appear in subsequent forms of the exam. The unscored section is not identified as such, and its placement among the other multiple-choice sections can vary.