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Analytical Reasoning — Diagraming Help

In approaching this logic game (questions 1-4), try jotting down basic alternative schedules. Given that floors are polished on Monday and two other days — all non-consecutive — three basic schedules emerge, as the following diagram provides (L = lunch, D = dinner, F = floors polished, W = plants watered). Notice that the diagram incorporates certain additional information about the plant-watering schedule as well (as explained below):

day M T W Th F S  
meal L L D L D D  
1 F   F   F    
2 F W F     F  
3 F     F W F  

As with any LSAT logic game, before answering the questions ask yourself what else you can deduce from the information. In this case, given that plants are watered on two non-consecutive days and never on the same day that floors are polished, under schedule 2 plants must be watered on Tuesday (and on either Thursday or Friday, but not both), while under schedule 3 plants must be watered on Friday (and on either Tuesday or Wednesday, but not both).

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