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LSAT Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games)

Among the four scored sections you'll encounter on the LSAT will be one Analytical Reasoning section. This exam section consists of 23-24 questions to be answered within 35 minutes (about 90 seconds per question, on average). Your exam might include one unscored Analytical Reasoning section as well.

LSAT Analytical Reasoning questions are designed to measure your ability to understand a system of relationships and to draw appropriate conclusions about those relationships. All questions involve deductive reasoning, by which a conclusion necessarily follows (or does not follow) from one or more premises.

An LSAT Analytical Reasoning section consists of a series of discrete question sets, 5-8 questions per set. These sets are commonly referred to as logic games. All questions in a game are based on the same premise and series of rules, or conditions. The usual number of logic games in a 35-minute section is four. All questions are multiple choice (five choices).

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