LSAT Analytical Reasoning Practice Questions

Here you'll find a six LSAT Analytical Reasoning practice questions, grouped into two sets, or logic games. (On the actual LSAT you'll encounter one scored 35-minute Analytical Reasoning section, which will contain 23-24 questions grouped into 4 or 5 sets.)

NOTE: Each of the two logic games here include only three questions — fewer than the 5-7 you'll encounter in a typical LSAT logic game. Otherwise, the two games here closely simulate the style and difficulty level of those on the actual exam.

Instructions for Practice Questions:

  1. Review the test directions (below).

  2. Go to any of the six numbered practice questions. You can select an answer choice by clicking on a button.

  3. Scroll down the page for the correct answer and an analysis of the question. Click on Directions to return to this page.

  4. This is not a timed test. But if you want to simulate timed testing conditions, limit yourself to 9 minutes for all 6 questions.


Each group of questions is based on a brief premise and a set of rules. In answering the questions, you might find it helpful to draw rough diagrams. For each question, select the best answer from the five lettered choices.

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