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GRE Verbal Reasoning — How to Select and Change Your Answers

The method by which you select and change your answers to GRE Verbal Reasoning questions depends on the particular question format, as explained below. (The links take you to test directions and practice questions.)

  • Sentence Equivalence. Each question in this format comes with six answer choices, exactly two of which are correct. To earn credit for a correct answer you must select both correct choices. Select any choice by clicking on its button. Deselect a choice by clicking on its button again. The testing system will not allow you to select more than two choices.

  • Text Completion. To respond to a Text Completion question, you select one fill-in choice in each column by clicking on the choice. Clicking on a choice will highlight it. To deselect a choice, select (click on) a different choice in the same column.

  • Reading Comprehension. Questions based on a reading passage appear one at a time to the right of the passage. The method you use to respond to these questions can vary:

    • Multiple-choice—select one answer choice. Select any of five choices by clicking on it. Deselect a choice by clicking on (selecting) another one.

    • Multiple choice—select one or more answer choices. Select all choices that apply by clicking on them. Deselect any choice by clicking on it again. The testing system will not prevent you from selecting more than all correct choices. (You earn credit for a correct answer only by selecting all correct choices and no others.)

    • Select in passage. Answering some Reading Comprehension questions might involve highlighting a sentence in a passage instead of selecting among multiple choices. You highlight a sentence by clicking anywhere on it in the passage. You deselect a highlighted sentence by clicking on it again or by highlighting (selecting) a different sentence.