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GRE Quantitative Reasoning — the Four Basic Question Types (Formats)

During each of your GRE Quantitative Reasoning sections, you'll encounter four basic question types (formats), as described below. Questions in different formats will be intermingled rather than grouped separately, and there's no set pattern or sequence.

NOTE: Formats 1 and 4 (below) account for more exam questions than the other two formats.

  1. Multiple choice—select one answer choice. Questions in this format require you to work to a solution, which will appear among five answer choices. This is the conventional question format in which only one answer choice can be correct. [Directions and practice questions]

  2. Multiple choice—select one or more answer choices. For each question in this format, you select all answer choices that correctly answer the question. The number of available answer choices varies, depending on the question. The number of correct answer choices can vary as well, from as few as one to as many as all. [Directions and practice questions]

  3. Numeric Entry. To answer a question in this format, you enter (key in) a number as your answer instead of selecting among answer choices. [Directions and practice questions]

  4. Quantitative Comparison. For each question in this format, you determine which of two quantitative expressions, if either, is greater in value. You select one of four answer choices, which are the same for each and every Quantitative Comparison question. [Directions and practice questions]