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GRE Quantitative Practice Questions — Complex Multiple-Choice

Available here are four GRE Quantitative practice questions, all in the complex multiple-choice format (where one or more answer choices can be correct).

NOTE: During the actual exam, each Quantitative Reasoning section will include several questions in this format, mixed with questions in three other basic formats.

Scroll down each page for an explanatory answer to the question at hand. The link to Directions returns you to this page. This is not a timed test. But if you want to simulate GRE testing conditions, limit yourself to 1¾ minutes per question, on average.


Select one or more of the answer choices according to the directions for each specific question.

The correct answer may be just one choice or as many as all choices. To earn credit for a correct answer you must select all correct choices and no others.

If the question specifies the number of answer choices to select, select exactly that number of choices. Otherwise, select all answer choices that apply.


All numbers used are real numbers.

All figures lie on a plane unless otherwise indicated.

All lines shown as straight are straight.

All angle measures are positive.

Figures are intended to provide useful information for answering the questions. However, unless a figure is accompanied by a "Note" stating that it is drawn to scale, answer the question using your knowledge of mathematics and not by visual measurement or estimation.

Practice Questions
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