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GRE Verbal Practice, Text Completion

Question 3

The ultimate objective of the Environmental Protection Agency is to (1)____________ the nation's environmental laws. A policy of strict enforcement furthers that objective by conveying to regulated governments and businesses the clear message that their environmental obligations (2)____________.

Blank (1) Blank (2)
formulate policy for are ever-evolving
advocate for should be taken seriously
gain compliance with are not too burdensome

Explanatory Answer

Common sense should tell you that strict and consistent enforcement of a law is an effective way to deter people (or in this case, governments and businesses) from violating it. This is the overall idea that the passage intends to convey, and the phrases gain compliance with (1) and should be taken seriously (2) provide a completion that makes this point clearly. You would need to select both of these two phrases to gain credit for a correct answer to the question.