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GRE Verbal Practice, Text Completion

Question 2

The blossoming of India's classical period, whose art works are generally marked by their grandiosity, cannot be (1)____________ by the Simhala Avadana frieze, which is perhaps the (2)____________ composition in the history of Indian painting.

Blank (1) Blank (2)
well understood most imposing
dated accurately earliest known
better represented than most irreverent

Explanatory Answer

A grandiose art work would be characterized by grandness in scale or intent or by over-elaborateness. Such a work would probably make a strong and lasting impression on the viewer. The word imposing is a good synonym of grandiose. With this definition in mind, you can see that the phrases better represented than (1) and most imposing (2) establish a similarity of ideas (as between the sentence's first part and second part) that gives the sentence an overall meaning that makes sense. You would need to select both of these two phrases to gain credit for a correct answer to the question.