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GRE Verbal Practice, Sentence Equivalence

Question 2

Since the mayor previously had expressed few qualms about the proposed zoning ordinance, the other city-council members were understandably taken aback by her sudden, _________ objections.

A.  insistent
B.  vehement
C.  strenuous
D.  unexpected
E.  dubious
F.  unwarranted

Explanatory Answer

The words vehement and strenuous both mean "forceful," and both make perfect sense in context.

The word insistent (continuing in spite of opposition) runs contrary to the sentence's description of the mayor's objections as sudden. The word unexpected makes sense in context — the city council members were "taken aback" (surprised) — but cannot be matched with another word that gives the sentence a similar meaning. The words dubious (of doubtful quality or credibility) and unwarranted (unjustified or unreasonable) are somewhat similar in meaning to each other but are not well supported by the sentence's ideas.

The correct answer choices are B and C. You would gain credit for a correct response only by selecting both of these choices.