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GRE Quantitative Practice, Numeric Entry

Question 2

OmniCorp's call center operates 24 hours a day and receives an average of 40 customer-service calls per hour. 78 percent of all calls are received during the night shift. How many customer-service calls are received during this shift, on average?

Round your answer to the nearest integer.


Explanatory Answer

First calculate the total number of calls received during the average 24-hour period: 40 × 24 = 960. Then determine 78% of that total:

960 × .78 = 748.8

Round the result to the nearest integer. The correct answer is 749. To gain credit for answering the question correctly you would need to enter this number in the numeric-entry box.

calculatorNOTE: During the Quantitative Reasoning sections of the exam you'll have access to an on-screen calculator, which you should use to answer questions like this one.