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GRE Quantitative Practice, Complex Multiple-Choice

Question 1

The following chart plots the per-share prices of EcoCorp and TeleCorp stock at the beginning of each of the first seven months during year X.

line chart

Over the course of which of the following months, each considered individually, did the per-share price of EcoCorp stock either increase or decrease by more than two dollars?

Indicate all such months.

A.  January

B.  February

C.  March

D.  April

E.  May

F.  June

Explanatory Answer

To answer the question, refer to the dark trend line. During January, February, May and June the share price of EcoCorp stock changed by more than two dollars. During March and April the change was less than two dollars. The correct answer is (A), (B), (E) and (F). You would gain credit for answering the question correctly only by selecting all four of these choices but no others.