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GMAT Quantitative Scores — Converting a Raw Score to a Scaled Score and a Percentile Rank

Your official GMAT score report will indicate your Quantitative score (on a 0-60 scale) and corresponding percentile rank (0-99%), but it will not indicate how many of the 37 available Quantitative questions you answered correctly. Why not? A scaled Quantitative score is based not only on the number of correct responses but also on the total number of questions attempted as well as the difficulty and range of the questions answered correctly. Thus, the number of correct responses alone amounts to an inadequate performance metric.

The complexity of this scoring system makes forecasting a GMAT Quantitative score based on paper-based or other non-adaptive practice testing problematic. That said, one way to roughly gauge your performance on non-adaptive practice tests is to first tally up the total number of correct responses (a raw score) and then convert that number to an estimated scaled score and percentile rank by consulting an appropriate table.

The following score-conversion table provides a very rough guide to predicting a GMAT Quantitative score. Notice that, based on the table, if you respond correctly to 22 or 23 questions you might expect to rank near the 50th percentile, and if you answer at least 34 questions correctly you might expect to rank in the top decile (10%).

CAVEAT: The adaptive testing and scoring system built into the GMAT is complex, and your actual GMAT score resulting from a given number of correct responses may differ materially from what the table (below) might suggest.

raw score   |   scaled score   |   percentile

35-37 ------------ 51-60 ---------- 98
30-34 ------------ 48-50 ---------- 78-90
26-29 ------------ 47-47 ---------- 68-73
24-25 ------------ 42-44 ---------- 57-63
22-23 ------------ 39-41 ---------- 48-54
20-21 ------------ 36-38 ---------- 40-46
18-19 ------------ 33-35 ---------- 33-36
16-17 ------------ 30-32 ---------- 25-30
13-15 ------------ 27-29 ---------- 18-22
11-12 ------------ 24-26 ---------- 13-16
7-10 ------------- 18-23 ---------- 6-12
0-6 -------------- 0-17 ----------- 0-5

NOTE: Referring to the above table, the figures for converting scaled scores to percentile rankings were culled and aggregrated from tabular data provided at the official GMAT site. (The data on this page were accessed on 07/23/2012.)