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GMAT Reading Comprehension Questions — Format and Directions

The Reading Comprehension question format is one of three basic ones you'll encounter during the GMAT Verbal section. This page lists the key features of GMAT Reading Comprehension questions and provides the test directions for this format.

Features of GMAT Reading Comprehension

Here are the key features of GMAT Reading Comprehension questions:

How many: 12-14 questions, grouped in four sets

Where: In the 75-minute Verbal section, mixed with Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction questions

Format: A brief passage of text (150-350 words) is accompanied by a series of 2-4 questions. Each question is multiple-choice (you select one of five choices by clicking on an oval).

Skills tested: Your ability to read carefully and accurately, to determine the relationships among the various parts of the passage, and to draw reasonable inferences from the material in the passage

Directions for GMAT Reading Comprehension

Here are the directions for answering GMAT Reading Comprehension questions. These directions will appear on your screen just before your first Reading Comprehension set (and you can access these directions while viewing any Reading Comprehension question by clicking on the HELP button).

Directions: This passage is accompanied by questions about its content. For each question, select the best answer among the five choices. Answer all questions on the basis of what the passage states or implies.

To review these directions for subsequent questions of this type, click on HELP.