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The GMAT Quantitative Section — Testing Procedures and Rules

Here are the key testing features and rules pertaining to the GMAT Quantitative section (you can review these features and rules during the pretest tutorial, which precedes the timed exam):

  • Accessing section directions. The test will present general section directions before the timed section begins. Also, just before the first question in a specific format — either Problem Solving or Data Sufficiency — the test will present specific instructions for that format. You can review general and specific instructions at any time during the 75-minute section by clicking on the DIRECTIONS button.

  • Recording your answers. To respond to a question you click on one of the five ovals next to the answer choices. You change your selection by clicking on another oval. You can't use the keyboard to select answers.

  • Moving from one question to the next. You leave a question and move ahead to the next one by clicking the NEXT button and then the CONFIRM ANSWER button. You must respond to a question in order for the test to move you ahead to the next one.

  • Exiting the section. You can exit the Quantitative section and proceed to the Section 4 (the Verbal section) anytime you want — without waiting for the clock to run out — even if you haven't responded to all 37 available Quantitative questions.

  • Testing aids. Scratch paper and pencils are provided for the Quantitative section, just as for all other test sections. But calculators are not allowed. (The testing system provides an on-screen calculator only for the Integrated Reasoning section, and not for the Quantitative section.)