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GMAT Practice — Integrated Reasoning

Question 4

Company A currently employs exactly four times as many workers as Company B. Over the most recent 12-month period, Company B has doubled its workforce while Company A has increased its workforce by only fifty percent. Analysts expect that for each company annual workforce growth will continue at the most recent 12-month rate into the foreseeable future.

The following table provides various possibilities as to the number of workers each of the two companies might employ 24 months from now. In the table, identify the projected total number of Company A employees and the projected total number of Company B employees that together are consistent with analysts' expectations. Make only two selections, one in each column.

 Company A   Company B   Number of workers 

Explanatory Answer

This is a Two-Part Analysis question. You would need to make correct selections in both columns to gain credit for a correct answer. (No partial credit would be awarded.)

You can express Company A's current workforce as 4B, where B equals Company B's current workforce. At a 50% annual rate of increase, A's workforce will grow to 6B in 12 months and to 9B in 24 months. Meanwhile, B's workforce (B) will double each year, increasing to 2B in 12 months and to 4B in 24 months, when the ratio of A to B will be 9:4. This ratio is equivalent to 2,700:1,200, hence the correct selections are 2,700 (Company A) and 1,200 (Company B).

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