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GMAT Practice — Integrated Reasoning

Questions 1 and 2 are based on the following email and two tables.

Question 2

Consider each of the following statements. Is the statement a necessary conclusion from the information in the email and the two tables?

The site was stickier during the second half of February than during the first half of February.
At least five of the nine blog articles viewed most often during the second half of February were posted during that time period.
John Price was February's most popular blogger, as measured by total monthly page views.

Explanatory Answer

This is a Multi-Source Reasoning question that includes three components. To gain credit for a correct answer you would need to make correct selections for all three components. (No partial credit would be awarded.)

First statement. Based on the definition of "stickiness" provided in the email, you can quantify this characteristic by calculating the ratio of page views to visits. The greater the ratio, the greater the stickiness. Table 2 shows that during each of the first two weeks the ratio was greater than 2:1 while during each of the last two weeks it was less than 2:1. Thus, the site was actually stickier during the first half of February. The correct response to the first statement is No.

Second statement. To analyze this statement, count the number of top-10 articles (Table 1) for each contributor, and then consult Table 2 to determine the minimum number that must have been posted during weeks 3 and 4. For Alvarez the minimum is 0. For Ziegler and Chambers the minimum is 1 each. For Price that number is 3 (all three of Price's posts were among the top 10, and all were posted during the last two weeks). Hence, at least five blog articles listed in Table 1 must have been posted during weeks 3 and 4. The correct response to the second statement is Yes.

Third statement. Table 1 tells us that during weeks 3 and 4 Price's articles accounted for 13.8% (5.1 + 4.6 + 4.1) of all page views while two of Alvarez' seven February articles accounted for 9.5% (4.5 + 4.0) of all page views. It is entirely possible that other February articles by Alvarez received enough page views altogether to boost Alvarez' monthly total above Price's. The correct response to the third statement is No.

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