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GMAT Verbal Practice, Critical Reasoning

Question 5

Last year, seniors at Jasper County’s public high schools performed worse on standardized college-entrance exams than their peers at Nesbit County’s public high schools. In recent years, more and more Jasper County residents have been enrolling their children in private high schools, where the teacher-to-student ratio is traditionally lower than in public schools, and enrollment in Jasper County’s public high schools has dwindled as a result.

Based only on the information above, parents residing in Jasper County and concerned about their child’s academic future should pursue which of the following courses of action?

  1. Enroll their child in one of Jasper County’s public schools.
  2. Stay in Jasper County and enroll their child in a private school.
  3. Provide home schooling for their child rather than enrolling the child in either a public or private school.
  4. Move away from Jasper County and enroll their child in a private school.
  5. Move to Nesbit County and enroll their child in that county’s public schools.

Explanatory Answer

Comparatively high test scores among Nesbit County’s senior class constitues some evidence that Nesbit County’s public schools provide a better education than those in Jasper County. The argument for enrolling a child in a private school rather than a public school is weaker because it depends on the additional, unsubstantiated assumption that a low teacher-to-student ratio results in a higher-quality education. Moreover, current school-enrollment trends in Jasper County schools suggest that public schools are becoming more appealing — and private schools less appealing — in terms of teacher-to-student ratio. The correct response is (E).

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