The tutorials and course guides found here offer an interactive way to study law allowing the student to quickly jump from plain-English explanations of the basic rules to the relevant authorities and cases that support the legal propositions discussed.  As with any course in the law, you will get the most out of these tutorials and guides by completing class reading assignments and attending class lectures.  I.e., these materials are supplements to (and not substitutes for) the law school experience.


The granddaddy of 'em all! This on-line tutorial was originally  designed especially for students enrolled in my Contracts class. However, any student of the law will hopefully find it helpful in studying and reviewing the major themes taught in Contracts courses in law schools throughout the U.S. 


A tort is a civil wrong. The tort system of liability is central to the American legal system. This tutorial outlines this law school course.

Civil Procedure

Covering jurisdiction, choice of law, joinder of parties and claims, and former judgments this outline has numerous links to the major U.S. Supreme Court cases in the field as well as to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Civil Procedure is the "blueprint" for all litigation.

Legal Research

This tutorial will take you through the basics  of performing legal research, from identifying the sources of law  to properly citing the authorities you find. There are links to a large number of  legal research tools available on the World Wide Web, The focus is on researching federal & California law.


Topics covered include; equitable remedies, injunctions, restitution and damages. The remedies tutorial reviews many concepts first studied in contracts and torts classes.  Remedies is a favorite topic of bar examiners and this tutorial offers a quick overview. Remember, for every wrong there is a remedy.

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