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  By merging theories of the ZERO POINT ENERGY FIELD with the theories of system self organization it becomes theoretically possible to the bring the zero point energy fluctuations(electromagnetic currents)flowing through space into coherence(wave??). The key component for interaction with the zero point energy is nuclei of ions in a plasma or electrolyte. The zero point energy can be made into a model of of a hyperspatial flux that is shown to be affected by (approriately pulsed) electromagnetic fields. This leads to the concept of a hyperspatial structure consisting of vortex rings of electric flux. The projection of this structure through three dimensional space yields scalar and longitudinal electromagneticcomponent's. No energy propagates through these components but energy may propagate through the parallel hyperspace. (hyperspacial network of electric flux may have a definite structure). Could SPACE be a system of nested structures? Is there such thing as a dimensional ENERGY AXIS>

   Cohering the zero point energy flux flowing through space could allow energy to be tapped out of the spatial fabric to create artificial gravity for stressless, inertialess propulsion; altering the pace of time in a region of space; and even possibly the phase shifting of matter into other spatial dimensions that may exist in different frequency domain or a different electromagnetic energy spectrum.

   These possibilities arise by combining the theories of ZPE field and system self organization. In 1977 ILya  PRigogine won the nobel prize in chemistry for identifying under what conditions a system may evolve from a chaotic turbulent state to an organized state. The system must be non-linear, far from equilibrium, and have an energy flux flowing through it. ZPE energy clearly exhibits these properties.

   ZPE may be a manifestation of energy flux from a physical hyperspace. A higher dimensional plane. Nested "spatial" Plane's

   ZPE energy may fulfill the conditions necessary for system self organization.

   Where does the ZPE(energy flux) come from? Where does the electrical flux (why did I make the electrical(88) flux(63) invisible and what is the physics behind it)of a charged particle come from? There may exist a physical hyperspatial energy structure. Theoretical Physicist John Archibald Wheeler shows how hyperspace arised by applying General Realtivity to the ZPE field theory. A point of view arises that suggests that that all matter, particles, and fields are physically hyperspatial in nature and we humans only percieve a three dimensional projection of this hyperspatial field or OBJECT.  From this notion a "scalar wave" or a longitudinalvacuum polarization structure arising from abruptly(BUCKING) electromagnetic fields will be shown to have a hyperspatial form that manifests it's three SPACE(3)  PROJECTION with scalar and longitudinAL COMPONENTS.  Could all matter be a PROJECTION arising from SPACE?

     Zero point energy(electrical flux) is the all pervading energy(ETHER??) that flows through the fabric of space. The energy fluctuations are not thermal in nature because they exist even at ABSOLUTE ZERO.  Quantum electrodynamics(QED) recognized this ENERGY SOURCE existed in the vacuum and Paul Dirac showed how electron-positron PAIR PRODUCTION could arise from it the energy from the vacuum of space. Some theories suggest that quantum mechanical effects arise bcause of the interaction of the ZPE field with matter.  Quantum gravity theories demonstrate that the ZPE spectrum is altered by gravitational fields or acceleration, and that the curvature of space-time is intimately linked to it's action.  QED shows that all particles are intertwined in a vacuum polarization interaction(STRUCTURE) with the ZPE electric flux fields and shows how the interaction yields the mass of an elementary particle. Non-linear quantum mechanics also yields the mass of a particle through a persitent self interaction with zero point energy FLUX while avoiding the renormalization problems of perturbation analysis.  A modern view is that elementary particles are a coherence(WAVE) in the zero point energy field  and this view can be supported by system self organization theories.

  The ZPE does not arise from an electromagnetic propagation on our three dimensional SPACE(3)--nested plane. John wheelers geometrodynamics answers questions about the infinite energy density of the ZPE FLUX FIELDS(CURRENTS) by applying the formalism of General Realtivity with ZPE to derive the modern view of how the fabric of space may be composed. Since energy warps(curves) the fabric of space a sufficiently large energy density pinches off the fabric of space(like a black hole) in the direction of a hyperspace that is orthogonal to our three dimensional SPACE(3). As the electrical flux enters our 3d space it manifests itself as a virtual mini-positive particle; it leaves our 3d space through a corresponding virtual mini negative particle. The scale of these particles would be on the order of the PLANK LENGTH 10 to the minus 33rd POWER centimeters.  The size of an electron is 10 to the minus 13th power. The difference in size between these virtual particles and an electron is 20 orders of magnitude(20 zeros).  As the flux passes through our 3d SPACE(3) there is jitter and the seperation of these mini-particles( or pair production) gives rise to a turbulent virtual plasma sometimes referred to as the QUANTUM FOAM. A bias in the direction of this seperation induced from charged matter or elementary particles is called "vacuum polarization". The elementary particles themselves may be viewed as VORTEX RING STRUCTURES mainted by the orthogonal electrical flux that composes the zero pont energy field. The turbulent vrtual PLASMA MODEL of the the ZPE energy field is highly non-linear , highly interactive with matter and is maintained by a flux of electrical energy flowing orthogonally through our 3-SPACE. This offers oppurtunities for self organization.


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