zero-point energy from hyperspace meets the quantum foam

   Space itself could be a system of massless structures that interact with
energy fluctuations from higher-dimensional space to produce an effect known
as the quantum foam. These massless structures can be seen with having the
potential for storing energy and therefore can acquire mass. Quantum foam can be seen as tiny bubbles of energy arising from the fabric of space.  An interaction of these massless structures (that might compose space on a very microscopic level)with a hyperspatial energy flux(zero point energy field) that is orthogonal to our 3D-space may exist and it is constantly producing an infinite variety of geometrical "energy" structures. The variety of these structures that arise
should come in a wide variety(if not infinite) of geometrical patterns just
as the different geometrical patterns that arise from soap bubbles that are
produced when moving water flows through a film of liquid soap. Before I go on however it should be pointed out that the structural possibilities of this interaction would probably be
much more vast than that of ordinary soap bubbles.  Anyway, to make an
analogy the liquid soap can be seen as the massless structures of space and the flowing
water can be seen as the energy currents(zero point energy fluctuations) that
could be flowing orthogonally through 3D space. When they interact with each
other a wide variety of tiny geometrical structures may arise. They would be constantly
popping in and out of existence. Most of these structures are probably incompatible
with the universe and/or the energy flux that permates our 3D space and will
therefore will quickly pop out of existence due to their instability and any
energy that it contained would probably be reabsorbed by some means back into the
spatial energy flux(flowing currents). There may however arise an energy
structure every once in a great while that is compatible with our universe
and the energy that moves through it. This structure may then become a template for the matter/energy and the laws of physics in the universe. It may then go on to proliferate at an extremely rapid rate--or alternatively this compatible structure may take on an
enormously huge energy density(because of it's stability) at an extremely
rapid rate. It may then blow itself apart or be blown apart by interacting
with a smaller antiparticle(antistructure) and the resulting explosion become
the force that is  is needed to overcome the gravity holding this mass
together and produce the cosmic expansion of matter, energy, and the fabric
of space. The result would be all the matter and energy that exists in the
universe today.

  If our universe and others are produced by the mechanism I have just
described(or at least something along these lines) then maybe there are many
universes that are connected through this energy flux via a hyperspatial
"energy" grid. There may even be other spaces that are parallel to our own
sharing the same 3 dimensional space but seperated by a hyperspatial
dimension that runs orthogonally to 3d space. Maybe the parameters for
different 3d spaces along this hyperspatial continuum are characterized by
energy and wavelength. To visualize this imagine a 3d cylinder projecting
infinitely in both directions. Now imagine our 3d space as a thin
cross-section or plane on this infinitely projecting cylinder. It is just one
of an infinite number of 3d spaces. Each one of these 3-d spaces including
our own may be infinitely projecting out at right angles to this infinitely
projecting cylinder representing a hyperspatial dimension. Each one of these
spaces may have different fabrics(with different structural properties)
composed of a sytem of massless structure just as our own space may have .
Maybe if the main difference between these 3d spatial planes is
frequency/wavelength and they are connected via a hyperspatial energy grid of
fluctuating EM currents then maybe this energy flow shifts in
frequency/wavelength as it passes through the hyperspatial dimension.  There may even be a structural shift in some cases or possibly in all when the energy moves between spatial

   follow up to the preceeding artcle(september 26-2001):

  One of the basic points of my article on zero point and the quantum foam
is that space is composed of or at least has something in it that is very
microscopic in nature. Much smaller than subatomic particles. It has been
speculated by a number of "known' physicists including Jon Wheeler that all
matter may have been conceived out of the fabric of space. In other words
subatomic particles could be made up ultimately of curved empty space. Maybe
this energy flow can create eddie currents that peel off into stable vortex
patterns or ring like structrures forming stable subatomic particles. These
particles could be likened possibly to tiny vibraing toroidal shaped flux
loops whose motion is fed by the infinite flow of hyerpatial energy.

   There could very well be an energy flux that is hyperdimensional in nature
that could flow through different universes linking up many different three
dimensional universes via this energy flow or "hyperspatial energy grid'.
There could be a constant feedback mechanism between separate dimensions via
the hyperspatial grid that could allow for an infinite cycling of energy
between a virtually infinite number of dimensions. Different universes could
be separated by the frequency at which these flowing currents vibrate in
space. Maybe something different too but I have a feeling that frequency and
wavelength may have something to do with a higher dimension that runs
orthogonal the three spatial dimensions of this universe and that this
difference in frequency may allow many separate dimensions to simultaneously
co-exist in the same three spatial dimensions. I have also been thinking
recently about the possibility that within each point or domain in this
higher frequency dimension there may exists other dimensions even within the
same frequency and space as other dimensions but are out of phase with each
other to varying degrees.

   It could also be possible that this universe is based upon a specific
energy/frequency pattern and that the patterning(frequencies) of this energy
determines the parameters through which matter can form. In other words there
may be a set of operating parameters(spatial,frequency) in each domain that
provide boundaries for the creation of matter(structure) allowing only
certain field configurations of energy to exist.

  If some of what I have just mentioned were true even just in part then the
implications of this would be phenomenal. At this very moment there could be
universes very different from this one coming into and out of existence.
There could be many different intelligence's with some being more advanced
than others by many, many powers.  There could be different forms of matter
within this same spatial dimension that have different physics but are still
operating within the parameters of the energy patterns that exist within or
makeup the framework of this universe. Maybe these different forms of matter
do not interact except under strange or unusual circumstances that do not
usually occur naturally or if so very rarely.

   Charles Noonan Vind

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"Don P." wrote:

> > Charles Noonan Vind
> >>
> >>   Space itself could be a system of massless
> >> structures that interact with energy fluctuations
> >> from higher-dimensional space to produce an
> >> effect known  as the quantum foam.
>   I suggest that this "massless structure" is the
> quantum foam,  which energy fluctuations,
> photons, virtual photons, etc. are manifested
> from.
>   Further, I suggest that this structure is not
> *really* massless, and is a bit more abstract.
>   At levels below 1.0 x 10(minus 35) meters
> and 1.0 x 10 (minus 43) seconds, that beyond
> 4 known dimensions, there is *undefined*
> time and energy which also translates to
> undefined mass and location.
>   Hence, I see *six* extra dimensions that
> may exist, due to time and enegy being
> *undefined*.
> --
> Kind Regards
> Don P

If there is a zero pint energy field that is higher dimensional in nature
and is flowing through many different three dimensional universes recycling
energy through them then all subatomic particles may indeed be connected to
this infinite energy flux or hyperspatial energy grid.  Space could be filled
with a virtually infinite number of mini-white holes and mini-blackholes that
act as hyperspatial energy channels gating in and out currents of energy
through these spinning vortices with mini-whiteholes having rotation in one
direction and mini-blackholes having rotation in the opposite direction. Each
subatomic particle could be a loop of flux(possibly vibrating at a certain
frequency) connected by a mini-white hole and mini-blackhole. This flux loop
may also bent around on itself in the shape of a torus forming what would then
be called a toroidal flux loop. It could be this constant energy flux through
these mini-wormholes that creates all of the manifestations of matter and
energy that is experienced in this three dimensional universe.

          Charles Noonan Vind

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