The following is a response I made to an article discussing the possibilities of wormholes and hyperspace as an aether occupying space and having a basic unit.


Maybe there is no unit. Space or the cosmos depending on what you may
want to call it maybe a continous elastic fluid that cannot be seperated into
smaller particles. All matter would simply be various patterns and
interactions of motion within this fluid.  If there are units in the fluid
medium composing the cosmos then the basic unit or size should somehow be
correlated with how fast energy travels through this medium. Sound in air is
reported to travel about 330meters per second. Air molecules fall roughly in
the nanometer range and sound travels in air about 892800 times slower than
the reported speed of light(energy) through space which has been reported to
be roughly 294624000 meters per second. This means that if it is the fluid
medium is composed of an innumerable amount of particles then they must be
much smaller than air molecules obviously. Would they be roughly 892800 times
smaller? Maybe and maybe not. In a medium the rate at which energy can travel
through it is affected by the density of the medium as well as pressure and
in the case of a fluid which I strongly suspect the medium is you need to
consider it's viscosity. By the way a I am in the process of trying to
acquire as many of the back issues of  SCIENTIC AMERICAN that I can manage to
find from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I recently purchased a cumulative index from
about 1948 to 1978 and there is one issue that has an article titled
"NEGATIVE VISCOSITY". Does anyone know what that means or have any
information on that? If you do please post it so all can see.

  Another quick thing I want to mention is that is this medium uniform
throughout the cosmos or does it's properties such as it's density or
pressure vary. If so then the speed of light ort more accurately phrased the
rate at which energy propagates through this fluid medium may vary  quite
considerably.  There is probably no constant for the speed of propagation(of
energy) because of the countless number of variations that will occur and
will depend on the local conditions of any given area. How does anybody
really know about the conditions of other areas unless you have been there?
The "so called observational data" of the so called arbitrary organizations
gratuitously referring to themselves as science has "no true foothold" in the
search for the REAL TRUTH about this "turbulent extreme violent" COSMOS. A
COSMOS which is far far older and larger than what is being said by them.
Their data may just as well be a mish-mash of some facts, irrevelant data,
and "pure fabrications". If you are a regular human being who has no power
and just wants to know what the truth is in this world dominated by
malevolent viscious beasts who wear human flesh(SUIT) then you are "better
off" trying to look at all third party information as suspect, scutinize
everything carefully, and set out on a "personal search" to find your own
answers. It is simple and quite easy do experiments and make observations
with fluids. The most obvious is water and you can mix other fluids with
different properties to achive a wide array of complex interactions between
these substances. You can use tiny inexpensive spinning motors to get
circular motion in this fluid and see the same patterns that you see in a
galaxy which is the same spiral pattern or eddy that you see in a turbulent
pond of water althought in this case the POND and the EDDY  is much larger
and more intricate in detail.

     One other note is the speed at which gravity propagates. The so-caslled
establishement scientists who claim it propagates at the speed of light once
again have "no real proof" that it does propagate this way only their usual
mish-mash of nonsense that you are expected to believe. Gravity is not light
it is an efffect of currents in space. How fast does gravity propagate? That
will depend on the local conditions or in other words how strong the gravity
is. The stronger the gravity the faster the current and the speed of this
current is how fast it is npropagating. If you throw an object in the air the
speed at which it is falling will be the local speed of gravity. This would
tie in quite neatly with the speculation that light could not escape from a
blackhole because the gravitational currents are so strong and fast that they
exceed the speed of the light itself. Here on earth the very slow speed of
gravity does effect the speed of light energy but only an infitessimal
amount. This should really make anybody wonder whether hyperspace and
wormholes are really possible or are just meaningless theoretical constructs
dreamed up by phonies like stephen hawking and  john wheeler whom i have
absolutely no repect for but rather a deep and somewhat personal disdain for
trying to defraud human beings from knowing the truth but spewing out false
and misleading theories about the nature of the cosmos. I doubt that they are
at this point but maybe I will change my mind again, who knows?

  Charles Vind---