Re: A submission to sci.physics.research


Why would anyone care whether an article was declined by a
moderated newsgroup. There are a number of physics and science ng's
and the same people know and essentially read through both moderated
and unmoderated. If you think you are missing out on something
because an establishment guard will not let you through the door you
are mistaken. Having an article posted there will not make you any more
a member of any elite group or a physics superstar.  These type of
groups are about political and social control of information and ideas if
you really care about knowledge and understanding you will not be so
choosey as to what forums  you use to promote your ideas. Try making a
webpage and also prote your ideas offline maybe through a
self-published newsletter or even simple handouts given to people in
your community, even just strangers off the street.  This is good way to
promote any idea or viewpoint but remember that the farther your
statements are from the establishment's agenda the more likely that you
will be a victim of a POLICE HIT or in other words youll be murdered by
the agents on the street responsible for enforcing social control or one of
the their criminal collaborators(street thugs, drug pushers, felons,
gangland figures, ect--they are all part of the same organization) and it
will be covered up by any number of existing PROTOCOLS and
PROVISIONS set forth to deal with people who openly question the
legitimacy of the goverment, social, and other institutions. I do not want
to scare anybody unnecessarily but police officers in the US and all over
the world can and do get away with murder everyday.  By the way police
officers routinely plant incriminating evidence on innocent humans and
use that as a reason to bring you to a lockup facility of one kind or

  Charles Vind ---