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Is there a monlithic force that underlies all of physical reality?

Sonar is a method of projecting sub-surface soundwaves and using a HYDROPHONE to listen for returning echoes to determine the range and bearing of submerged OBJECTS. A MONOLITH is described as large STONE .TONES(73)HARMONIC--81--(ENERGY)--114--ACTIVATION. SOUND(73)

   AXIS is phoneticaly very similar to ACCESS(50-6=44(38)--CHANGE=38).

         Could life(DNA) on earth or elsewhere have been started by electrical interactions as has been suggested? Is the ENERGY PATTERN that is contained within the MONOLITHIC FORCE of the COSMOS aslo embedded within the DNA MOLECULE vof LIFE?

     STONEHENGE----MEN(32)+ MOON(57)+ STONES(92)=181. A connection?

      STONEHENGE(112). 181-112=69. ANTENNA=69. INTERDIMENSIONAL.??


        ANTENNA-  SYSTEM(101) of conductors used to transmit or recieve RADIO(47) or other ELECTROMAGNETIC(150) WAVES. In a transmitting ANTENNA the SIGNAL(62) from an ELECTRIC(75) CIRCUIT(83) causes electrons in the ANTENNA to OSCILLATE. These VIBRATING(102) c]CHARGES(61) generate ELECTROMAGNETIC  RADIATION(91) which is then transmitted through SPACE(44).

       Could the STONEHENGE monument be representation of SOME SORT of TECHNOLGY? Could it represent some kind of CONFIGURATION(152) PATTERN(94). Maybe STONEHENGE is BLUEPRINT(117) for generating a specific ENERGY PATTERN? Has the STONEHENGE technology been duplicated, many times perhaps? There could be many STONEHENGES in existence.

    ISTONEHENGE may very well be a way of accessing an energy source  The monument and possibly other megalithic sites may represent a technology for accessing an energy field.  ELECTROMAGNETICS (ROTATING MAGNETIC FIELDS) used in a highly specific CONFIGURATION may tap into a dimensional ENERGY SPECTRUM that could be manipulated by an advanced civilization or group of conscious beings who have the proper knowledge of how to do so.

         So could a MONOLITH if it does exist contain an array of data that could be accessed through some sort of acoustical RESONANCE PATTERN? Another thought that has recently come to mind is the possibility that certian types of STONES or CRYSTALS when put in certain geometrical configurations and then subjected to ACOUSTIC ENERGY specific FREQUENCIES(WINDOW FREQUENCIES) may be able to access certain phenomena that is normally inaccesable in our 3D spatial continuum.


      is there  a SPACE TIME ENERGY AXIS(access) in existence? What exactly could it be? Is the earth and perhaps other large bodies connected to it in someway? Are there certain ENERGY NODES at specific places along the EARTH(52)? Would these NODE POINTS in some way be a way to access a hidden source of electrical energy? Is there also technology that could be constructed that could allow an advanced civilization to TAP into this ENERGY SOURCE through this ENERGY AZIS? Are PATTERNS of HARMONIC ENERGY somehow involved and manipulations of these patterns via the CORRECT TECHNOLOGY could allow ACCESS to the SPACETIME ENERGY AXIS? . Is SPACE itself a force that interacts with MATTER?  Could space somehow be a CLOCK of some sort? Is this what SPACETIME MIGHT REALLY MEAN? A  CLOCK is defined as a stable MECHANICAL(69) OSCILLATOR(124) and by definition a clock must vibrate in some regular way(even an atom is considered a clock). So does Space(44) itself have some regular HARMONIC(81) VIBRATION(110)?  Could SPACE itself be composed of VIBRATIONAL(123) PATTERNS(113) of ELECTRIC(75) ENERGY(74)? . Could all matter in existence have could have come from space ? Is space essentially ELECTRICAL in NATURE. THEN maybe there is only ONE ELECTRICAL FORCE in THE COSMOS(33+84=117). All other forces could have somehow fractured or bifurcated off of this ONE "MONOLITHIC" FORCE. ANYWAY how could these NODE POINTS if they do indeed exist be manipulated? WHERE ARE THEY? Is there some sort of pattern to their distribution?

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