NATURE at its most FUNDAMENTAL LEVELS--a theory by


   The Physical Universe may be governed by a single basic
ENERGY STRUCTURE -a basic substrate for all matter. All more
complex forms of matter may have evolved from this basic ENERGY
STRUCTURE.  THIS structure of energy should be what
determines the basic laws of physics and how they work. In other
words should be a template for the creation of all matter in our universe and its
STRUCTURE serves as the language or DNA that determines the physical
properties of matter. STRUCTURE could even be considered to be the
seems possible that this structure may have also itself evolved
from a more fundamental phenomena that is nested within its
STRUCTURE and that this phenomenon may have the potential
to produce many different ENERGY STRUCTURES---each of
which would produce different forms of matter that would have
differenta physical laws.  There may even may be yet still more
fundamental phenomena nested within this structure giving rise to the
possibly of a nested set of fundamental energy structures.

  Getting back to this UNIVERSE--I further postulate that in
addition to having a basic STRUCTURE this basic energy
substrate(of our universe--as well as the one for many others)
should have a basic operating frequency--its wavelength based on
its size. This frequency aspect is important because I believe that
a possibility exists that a dimensional spectrum may exist that is
based on frequency domains. I would ideally think of this spectrum
as being perpendicularlly oriented to 3-dimensional space as we
CURRENTly know it. This offers the possibility of many universes
existing in the same 3-D spatial dimension but seperated by an
ENERGY DIMENSION that runs perpendicular to it. These
different universes may be in the same 3 dimensions but their
ENERGY/FREQUENCY dimension or domain would be different,
just like in a STACKED deck of cards where the cards share 2
dimensions but are seperated by a third dimension.  These different
universes share a 3 dimensional space which is seperated by this
additional ENERGY/FREQUENCY DOMAIN.  Another way of
thinking about what I have just said is to think of 3-D cylinder
projecting infinitely in both directions. These two infinitely projecting directions of the cylinder may be thought of as the ENERGY/FREQUENCY spectrum that I just
theorized. Each universe exists in a frequency domain which can
be thought of as a thin slice(cross section) or a single plane in this infinitely
projecting cylinder. Each plane or cross section would represent a
3-d spatial universe that could be infinitely projecting at right
angles to this infinitely projecting frequency(of ENERGY) or hyperspatial
dimension. Second I want to point out that this energy/frequency
dimension may in itself be multidimensional. I also want to note
that there may be many more dimensions--spatial, as well as energy(maybe space is actually
composed of modules of energy) and that alternatively our 3 dimensional space
may also be a finite space or a superdimension(3 spatial planes
fused together since there has never been any evidence to
indicate any dimensions less than three although there may be
alien dimensions that could have less)-- this dimension may be
nested within a larger dimension and this larger dimension may be
part of a still even greater spatial dimensions. A heirarchy could exist
consisting of a nested set of spatial dimensions within spatial dimensions
just as their may also be nested set of energy structures within
energy structures. Our 3d space could be represented as 3
spheres in a larger sphere and this larger sphere could be one of
3 spheres in a still larger sphere(and so on). There may be also universes that are so alien to us that they may never be accessed because the structure of their matter and energy and the phenomena that composes it are so fundamentally different.  There may be universes that are even so bizarre and exotic in relation to our own that the fundamental material and structure that underlies their composition cannot even be defined as energy, at least not as we know it.

   What GRAVITY might be? If what I have said so far is basically
or at least generally correct then what is gravity and is it warping
space or something embedded within it. Maybe the force we call
gravity in our universe does not warp space itself, at least not
absolute space-which may actually consist of a system of massless structures that do not directly interact with the matter in our universe. If there are many spatial dimensions(seperated by frequency) occupying the same 3D space but seperated through a hyperspatial dimension then it seems impossible that matter is actually warping space but something that is perhaps embedded within space. Before I can go into this any further I will have to DIVERGE
somewhat an explain some basic phenomena that
may exist at some very fundamental levels of reality. As I have said I
suspect that our universe is based upon a basic ENERGY
STRUCTURE and that this STRUCTURE determines all of the
laws of physics(operating conditions), as well as the fact(at least
in this theory) that all more complex forms of matter evolved from
this STRUCTURE(BASIC) of ENERGY. This energy structure
should be present in all more complex matter and the more
massive a particle is the more units it should contain, as this basic
energy structure should always have the same mass as every
other unit of this basic structure. This would mean that when a
mass is accelerated by an apllied force and the mass increases
there is a tranfer of this basic energy structure into that mass. If
the object is decellerated then some of these energy units are
removed and transferred elsewhere.

  An alternative explanation to the above paragraph is that there may be a multitude of universes with the same basic energy unit and that this unit is contained within the matter of all these universes. Each universe may still have different laws of physics when you go up a scale or maybe several scales of structure where then you would have a basic structure different and unique for each universe.

Know it is already known that all the forms of matter discovered so
far are in constant motion. Electrons spin around atoms, the
particles in the nucleus have motion, as well as the quarks that
are said to exist spin around each other in composite
structures(protons, neutrons, ect). I suspect that this basic energy
structure also has spin or motion. In fact I think that motion is
essential to everything. As these different structures move I
believe they radiate out energy that becomes what are known as
the fundamental forces. One example is the strong force-- which I
essentailly think is energy at the quark wavelength. I believe that
the spin of this basic energy structure itself may explain where the
force of gravity originates. Before I go more into gravity first let me
remind you all that in order to get all of this constant motion(which
radiates the forces of nature out into space) of all of these
different levels of structure--from the basic energy structure
upward to the atomic level--there should be an  ENERGY
SOURCE. I believe that this energy source(MEDIUM) is
embedded within space and just like the basic energy structure
has a particular frequency of operation. I further believe that this
medium DRIVES all forms of matter in our universe and is a
medium of consisting basically of currents(QUITE POSSIBLY
ELECTRICAL IN NATURE) of energy that pervade the cosmos. The
medium that powers the structure of energy for our universe is
perfectly matched for the matter in our universe. It is
complimentary with our basic energy structure. It should
essentially drive all matter(and produce all of the corresponding
forces) by flowing through these basic energy structures. This is
what gives all matter its motion and it is this motion that produces
all of the forces and their associated fields. If there was no motion
there would be no reality as we know it--the universe would have
no properties or more specifically the universe would not be. One
real world analogy of how motion gives matter its properties is to
remember what an airplane propeller looks like when it as full
speed--it looks like a solid object--the same is true for all these
different levels of structure.  This is why matter looks solid
because all of its tiny constituents are in constant motion. By the
way, Every universe should also have its own medium which
would also be perfectly suited for its basic energy structure. Now
onto how I think gravity may work.

     I believe that the gravity is the result of the motion of the basic
energy structure itself. Remember this structure is what is
PLUGGED into the POWER GRID that powers the motion of all the matter in
the universe. The currents of energy that compose this grid-like
medium are perfectcly suited for this structure and therefore
supplies the energy that drives this structure and all the more
complex forms of matter. Anyway I think that as this basic energy
structure is in motion it may produce a waveform of energy that
corresponds with its structure and this radiates out into the
medium itself. Now since the waveform coresponds to the basic
energy structure and this structure is complimentary to the
MEDIUM itself I believe that this waveform may interface with the
medium in someway thereby causing the medium to ward towards the direction of mater that is producing this field. The more energy units a mass contains the more distortion it causes
because all of these units should have come into existence at the
same moment and would therefore be in phase with each other
and produce the phenomenon of constructive "wave" interference.
Also this warpage of the medium would be analagous to what
EINSTEIN called a warp in space but it is actually the medium of
energy currents (or you may also think of them as perhaps sheets
of energy that matter moves about on) that are being warped. The
reason why these warps( in the medium) affects matter is because
all matter is attracted to this medium via the basic energy
structure. In essence this would unify space(or rather the medium
within it) and matter itself as a single force. Gravity would be the
interaction of space(medium of energy) and matter(basic energy
structure). There are a number of well known physicists who
already describe gravity in the terms that space grips matter and
matter grips space. These concepts fit nicely into my theory of the
space medium being warped essentially by matter waves. I also
would like to be sure and point out the fact that this flowing
medium of energy currents acts also as a communication grid for
matter and if there was a void or pocket somewhere where this
medium did not exist then it would become an inpenetrable void
that could not be penetrated because matter can only travel within
this energy grid(medium) embedded in space. A very easy
analogy would be looking at objects that move on a computer
monitor. The objects wil only move along this 2-d space because it
contains a medium that permits the objects to move around.
Objects cannot move off of the computer screen onto another. I
also want to also point out another way how gravity may work in
this system of energy. It could be that each basic unit of energy
attracts one unit of current from the medium so the more massive
an object the more current it pulls toward it thereby concentrating
the currents of energy as well as aligning them--possibly
somewhat similar to the way magnetic fields work. The currents of
energy being more concentrated in a given area of space may
then have more grip-- or a stronger attaction to matter at its most
basic structure. In fact all of the fundamental forces may
essentailly be the same(electromagnetic) phenomenon except at different magnitudes
and with different strengths. There may also be forces that are
nested within the basic energy structure that are even more
fundamental and work at even smaller magnitudes that may be beyond the laws of physics, at least as we know them. These subforces may act to bind the substructures that compose this basic energy structure and is possible that these substructures could be arranged an infinite number of ways producing other physical laws that may compose other universes.

    I want to state at this time that this theory is part of a working and ongoing
effort by myself to explain nature and the cosmos
at the most fundamental level possible. This is of course a theory
and I cannot verify it but many of the points I make are self
supporting to some extent. There are certain things in nature we can observe that
may give insight into how things work at a smaller scale or a more
fundamental level. One important thing is that gravity appears to
be a form of elastic energy. If you throw an object up into the air and
watch it and note the pattern of deceleration as gravity pulls it
back down you will notice that this pattern of deceleration takes
on an elastic phenomenon. This elastic behavior is quite similiar to
the behavior of molecular materials with elastic properties such as
rubber tubing. If you take a piece of rubber tubing of sufficient
length and attach one end to the ceiling of your home and on the
other end connect an appropriate mass to it and then drop the
mass in midair you will notice the same behavior that gravity
displays as it decelerates an object. Therefore gravity should be
an elastic force or elastic fields of energy. Since according to my
theory gravity is produced from the motion of this most fundamental energy structure of the universe and it's wave interaction with this medium
 it should also be that this most basic energy structure(and the
medium for which it travel along) should be elastic in nature
itself. Since there is already a large body of knowledge in regards
to molecules that have elastic properties then maybe the structure
of these molecules may give some insight into the basic structure
of energy itself and how it is configured.

   I know want to mention one the key features of how the universe
works in terms of this basic energy structure. As I have stated I
think gravity is produced from the most basic unit or structure of
energy and that this structure produces a force which may be
wave of energy that has a waveform that interfaces with the
medium of energy (that powers all the matter in our universe) and
causes it to bend toward matter. Well as the force propagates out
through this medium that is embedded in space it(gravity) as you
know falls off in its strength with distance as do the other forces
such as electrmoamgnetism and the nuclear forces. Therefore
there must be somewhere in this system of energy an element of
friction embbedded within it that may cause energy to dissipate.
If there were less friction gravity would take longer to diminish and therefore would have a greater effect at longer distances, and if there were more friction gravity
would fall of faster. Anyway I believe this friction component and
the value it has  is critical to the stability of our universe. It may
also play a key role in determing the speed of light.  It is the
friction component and the resulting fall off of gravity and the other
forces which may allow our universe to exist in the way that it does.
This is becuase as energy from gravity and electromagnetic forces
falls off  it may be reabsorbed back into this spatial medium of energy
that I have been speaking off. IN ESSENCE THE UNIVERSE MAY BE A

   If you have been patient enough to read through this very long
article I thank you and hope you will respond if you have any
additional information to support it or modify it perhaps. This is
only a theory and to really know how reality operates at these very
funamental levels you would have to experience them directly
through some sort of visual interface that humans could
themselves develop and  interface with. Even so I think there are
alot of little hints in things we do know and things we can observe
in nature as well as understanding HOW THINGS WORK that point
 in the true direction of how nature may work on
very small scales(it's most fundamental levels).  If the basic structure
of energy and all of its properties could be accurately discerned
including its waveform and frequency which as I stated may play a
key role in gravity by causing the space(energy medium to warp)
then it may be possible to produce antigravity effects by taking this
waveform and shifting it out of phase by 180 degrees. Perhaps
this is already being done. Also if there is frequency(hyperspatial) dimension
that exists in orthogonally TO the 3Dspatial dimension then perhaps a
technology of frequency shifting matter to a higher frequency
domain where you could traverse the same distance in space in
much LESS TIME--due to the possibility of less friction, a higher energy state, and
therefore greater speed in this higher domain could possibly be developed.
Maybe this has already been done. Anyway I guess that is all I
have to say for know, THANK YOU for your attention.

      The following article was written and produced by CHARLES

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