hyperdimensional matter, a hyperspatial
            energy continuum and the human
            perception of dimensional reality--a series
            of conjectures on the nature of reality

      The possibiliy exists that  all elementary particles of matter be resonance patterns of spatial energy?  There is nothing that has ever been presented that could disprove this conjecture. All matter may be NOTHING more than the organized nothingness of space arranged in specific patterns.

    Maybe our interpretation of a three dimensional universe is the result of
the human nervous system. The brain may be structured or put together in such
a way that everything appears as three dimensional. Maybe the three
dimensional universe that  "normal" humans perceive  is an illusion created
by our nervous systems-- or in other words it is how our brain reconstructs
the environment it is immersed in. Maybe there are many more dimensions that
"normal" humans cannot perceive because of some imposed limitation on our
consciousness. Matter may in fact be hyperdimensional in nature. All observed
matter in the universe may have a hyperdimensional projection associated with
it which is beyond the perceptual abilities of the nervous systems of
"normal" human beings.  This hyperdimensional matter that we only see as
three dimensional could be resonance's in space and all elementary particles
could be node points of this energy which interacts with the fabric of space
to form stable configuration patterns of energy that are mutually coupled to
the fabric of space. Maybe there is truly only one super-dimension of space
that can have any number of different aspects or sub-dimensions that are
dependent upon certain factors which I do not care to speculate on at this
time. The very limited three dimensional interpretation by the normal humans
in this universe may only be a very small infinitesimal slice of a much
greater reality that is simply beyond the detection of the neural hardware of
normal human beings. Maybe a limitation of consciousness is being
surreptitiously imparted on normal humans by very advanced technical beings
who understand the mechanics and physics of conscious perception.

   Resonant patterns of electrical fields. positive and negative polarities
of energy merging together into toroidal shaped flux loops forming stable
configuration patterns of energy that are locked into phase with each other
around a closed circular path.

space is composed of or at least has something in it that is very
microscopic in nature. Much smaller than subatomic particles. It has been
speculated by a number of "known' physicists including Jon Wheeler that all
matter may have been conceived out of the fabric of space. In other words
subatomic particles could be made up ultimately of curved empty space. Maybe
this energy flow can create eddy currents that peel off into stable vortex
patterns or ring like structrures forming stable subatomic particles. These
particles could be likened possibly to tiny vibrating toroidal shaped flux
loops whose motion is fed by the infinite flow of hyerspatial energy.

  If there is a zero point energy field that is higher dimensional in nature
and is flowing through many different three dimensional universes recycling
energy through them then all subatomic particles may indeed be connected to
this infinite energy flux or hyperspatial energy grid.  Space could be filled

with a virtually infinite number of mini-white holes and mini-blackholes that

act as hyperspatial energy channels gating in and out currents of energy
through these spinning vortices with mini-whiteholes having rotation in one
direction and mini-blackholes having rotation in the opposite direction. Each

subatomic particle could be a loop of flux(possibly vibrating at a certain
frequency) connected by a mini-white hole and mini-blackhole. This flux loop
may also bent around itself in the shape of a torus forming what would then
be called a toroidal flux loop. It could be this constant energy flux through

these mini-wormholes that creates the all of the manifestations of matter and

energy that is experienced in this three dimensional universe.

 re: TOROIDAL ENERGY FIELDS being created by a VORTEX.

   Two opposite polarities of energy  merging together to form a closed loop
of flux(energy)in a toroidal shape object---similar to the way two poles
merging on a sphere would form a torus or donut shape if they joined
together. Matter could be the result of the hyperdimensional energy flow of
the zero point field interacting with the topological structure of space to
produce the elementary particles via positive and negative subatomic vortices
exchanging or channeling energy flow through the space-time continuum.
Elementary particles and all matter would then be organized patterns of the
nothingness of space which are held together into stable configurations by
this hyperspatial energy flow which would be interacting with the geometrical
properties of space.  This interaction would  produce patterns of matter that
are consistent with the spatial--temporal harmonic relationships that make-up
the framework or lattice structure of the  fabric of space and define the
parameters that allow for the formation of matter(structure).  Put another
way it seems that if the fabric of space has some definite configuration to
it then the types of matter that exist within it's structural framework must
itself be consistent in some way with this underlying pattern. Maybe this
could be defined as a patterning of frequencies or also as the
resonant(frequency) patterns of space(energy). This underlying framework of
space should serve as the force that governs the formation of matter.
Therefore maybe the force that governs the formation and behavior of all
forms of matter within the universe is implicate within the fabric of space
itself.  The hyperdimensional energy flux of the zero point energy field
could lock into resonant patterns based upon the patterning of spatial
frequencies that constitute framework of this space-time continuum. There
maybe an infinite number of spatial dimensions based upon different
patterning's of frequencies that may be out of phase with this specific
universe.  Like I have mentioned earlier there may also be just on infinitely
complex super-domain or dimension that has an infinite number of different
properties, aspects, or sub-dimensions that are simultaneously co-existing
with each other in an intricate web of energy that is a constant state of
flux producing an infinite number of universes or dimensions all different
with each other in an cycle of  energy feedback through these co-existing
dimensions. So the space-time continuum of this universe may only be one of
an infinite number of co-existing dimensions that are interconnected via a
hyperspatial energy grid that is currently being referred to as the zero
point energy field.

There could very well be an energy flux that is hyperdimensional in nature
that could flow through different universes linking up many different three
dimensional universes via this energy flow or "hyperspatial energy grid'.
There could be a constant feedback mechanism between separate dimensions via
the hyperspatial grid that could allow for an infinite cycling of energy
between a virtually infinite number of dimensions. Different universes could
be separated by the frequency at which these flowing currents vibrate in
space. Maybe something different too but I have a feeling that frequency and
wavelength may have something to do with a higher dimension that runs
orthogonal the three spatial dimensions of this universe and that this
difference in frequency may allow many separate dimensions to simultaneously
co-exist in the same three spatial dimensions. I have also been thinking
recently about the possibility that within each point or domain in this
higher frequency dimension there may exists other dimensions even within the
same frequency and space as other dimensions but are out of phase with each
other to varying degrees.

   It could also be possible that this universe is based upon a specific
energy/frequency pattern and that the patterning(frequencies) of this energy
determines the parameters through which matter can form. In other words there

may be a set of operating parameters(spatial,frequency) in each domain that
provide boundaries for the creation of matter(structure) allowing only
certain field configurations of energy to exist.

  If some of what I have just mentioned were true even just in part then the
implications of this would be phenomenal. At this very moment there could be
universes very different from this one coming into and out of existence.
There could be many different intelligence's with some being more advanced
than others by many, many powers.  There could be different forms of matter
within this same spatial dimension that have different physics but are still
operating within the parameters of the energy patterns that exist within or
makeup the framework of this universe. Maybe these different forms of matter
do not interact except under strange or unusual circumstances that do not
usually occur naturally or if so very rarely.

   energy interaction of space--(relationship)--space/energy interaction


      Superimposed energy fields.

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  Written by  Charles Noonan Vind

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