Too many people are getting duped by phony religious propaganda. Spiritual(consciouss) beings evolve. The human race is being targeted for spiritual extermination. Life on earth is probably a dead end. All humans are not the same. Human is a form, not a race. There are many different species, different types of souls. Some malevolent spiritual beings, some benevolent. The malevolent beings are a species of humans and are completely aligned. They have total control and are completely subversive to the original human race of the earth that they are walking amongst as counterfeit brothers and sisters. The way the world is now is not how it should be. The original human species is being subjugated in almost everyday from the technological inhibition and removal of spiritual consciousness, to the use of government, law enforcement agencies, and social institutions to manipulate attitudes and opinions of the already spiritually "deactivated" humans.  Real human(souls) are in the midst of a covert program of spiritual warfare--an ongoing holocaust sponsored by a subversive SEMII-HUMAN RACE.

From an anonymous source--"There was a species who created a humanoid race from genetic material brought from somewhere else. Referred to them as HEBREWS and their original language as HEBREW---SEMITIC PEOPLES. This alternative species of human being was now thought to be in league with the original humans of the earth and virtually indistinguishable from other humans but far superior than humans in mental abilities(vastly superior intelligence).

    (from a different source)In another account this hybrid human-alien species replaced at least partially another group of human beings once present on the earth.  Said also that the original human beings on earth once possessed advanced mental and spiritual abilities and had dramatically longer life spans. Apparently as his account goes there was a reptilian based humanoid species who downgraded these humans through the use of a DNA retrovirus that removed all of the higher mental functions of the original race making them vastly inferior to their humanoid-reptilian counterparts that makes humans to this day quite vulnerable. Also it was said that through advanced technology the memory patterns of humans were altered causing them to forget who they REALLY are on a spiritual level.  Says that there are very sophisticated devices in place that further limit human consciousness and potential by using high frequency magnetic fields that polarize thought waves produced by conscious beings. Speaks of other devices used to block human telepathy which is really just communication of thoughts between humans via electromagnetic frequencies. Apparently these frequencies are jammed with other frequencies that oppose them.  Most humans think telepathic communication is not possible because they have been programmed not to think so, they have no memory of being able to, and they currently have this process of their consciousness totally disabled. The original humans are cut off from themselves and they do not even know it. Furthermore most humans assume everyone is from the same race or the same creation or evolution when a significant percentage of the world's population are of a different origin, different consciousness, and are malevolent spiritual beings with a phenomenal advantage over them and are using this to accomplish a sinister agenda.

   There may have at one time been a group of spiritual beings from the same evolution or creation that chose to descend down into matter to experience other dimensions. Maybe when a spirit(consciousness) who may be composed of what are in essence micro-particles of light(a very tenuous form of matter)  drops down and becomes immersed in forms of matter that are much more dense such as the matter of atoms and molecules found in this universe the spirit is in a medium for which it can grow and acquire knowledge



How do you know all human beings are the same underneath? How can one be sure that all people have the same type of soul or consciousness? It is just as possible that there may be some individuals on this earth who are malevolent spiritual beings within a humanoid body. These beings could collectively make up a powerful race of entities who are far more powerful than other types of humanoid species. They could look essentially the same with only minor to moderate differences that we other humans have been trained or bred to  regard as normal variations of a single human race? How do you really even know what a human really is? How would you tell the difference between a one particular humanoid species of from another when you have been falsely inculcated with the idea that all humanoid beings are the same origin and the same species?

    How can you honestly trust the information presented in the media when it usually obvious to anyone who takes the time(and patience) to carefully scrutinizes the information presented that it is formatted in a such way to polarize human beings into opposing groups who disagree with each other. The media gives the assumption that most humans are in one of a very selected number of camps in regards to personal thought.  They assume that you are either politically left, right or middle. Conservative, liberal, or moderate. Republican, democrat or independent.  After these groupings they save ba few stereotyped "fringe" labels such as  radical, extremist, militant, or new age. But most of these classifications still are considered to be have some political components of some kind. The media never gives any credibility or mention to any ideas about the fact that government itself is oppressive and is a completely destructive agenda for the human race. How can any institution be good for beings that should be free when the very concept of an institution is to create something such as an organization  which seeks to confine those who are subject  to it within specific boundaries.  Freedom by definition is a condition where there are no boundaries. Yet almost every part of the globe is controlled by government institutions that have such rigid boundaries in place and they call it freedom. If the earth were free then all of it's resources should be freely shared among all of it's natural  inhabitants.



   The media, society, institutions, recorded history, social and government institutions and their policies influence the perception of the public. They restrict our freedom by making certain ways of thinking, certain types of ideas, and certain lifestyles seem or appear unacceptable, immoral, extreme, radical, or even psychotic.  The possibility of aliens invading earth for the purpose of harming and destroying HAS turned into a complete mockery through sophisticated disinformation techniques. There is also a REAL possibility that even mentioning such things could bring about your loss of freedom by an over aggressive psychiatric institution fully supported by the courts, police, and other law enforcement agencies. If they want you locked up bad enough it does not matter how sane or credible you are. You will simply be deemed mentally incompetent in a closed door hearing by a judge who will essentially ignore your case and give a licensed psychiatric facility the permission to imprison you and forcibly administer dangerous neuroleptic drugs into your system. The only hope you would ever have in such a situation is to steadfastly refuse their efforts to medicate you into neural disarray and if you adamantly refuse any and all social services, refuse any and all psychiatric or psychological interviews or testing, communicate with the staff as little as possible(they will try and mess with your head in alot of very cruel and nasty ways), have also as little contact as possible with other patients as they could pose a threat to your safety and make every attempt to represent yourself in any court hearings that they schedule or mandate that you appear in--refuse any legal assistance or court appointed attorneys or patient advocates even a judge says you have no choice continue to fight on your own behalf. If you get out the first thing you do is you collect yourself emotionally and start talking to others and expose the facts of what has happened making sure to you pointing the finger at the GUILTY PARTIES. There is never any guarantee of what will happen. If you are released, which will probably occur only if you COMPLETELY REFUSE to be a willing participant in their often barbaric and cruel practices, you will still often have a record made that  falsely indicates that you have a delusional or paranoid thought process.  Anyway my best advice is be careful--think twice before you act, and if you are imprisoned in one of these facilities fight to get out of that place as though your very life depended on it.

  There is an stupefyingly large amount of land that should belong to the real humans of the earth that is being with-held by the phony goverments installed (probably about 1897 or maybe as late as the mid 40's) when the alien species got here and took over the planet earth for purposes of using the human race as a natural resource(cattle) and then systematically extermenating them in a series of covert genocidal programs spanning decades and they maybe done within the next few years. It is 2002 right now as of this writing. How many real humans are really left here and what was done with their bodies? Mass graves somewhere?

   If there was a god who created humans he would not be upset by those who did not believe in him. He would want you to be critical of him. He would want you to question what the truth really  is. He would not want you believing some anonymous book written in the past that has no way of being proven. he would not want you to have to break your back working just to barely get by in life. THIS GOD would want the earth to be free, for all resources to be shared equally among THIS GOD'S people. THIS GOD would abhor the tactics and lies that are used by religion to trick people into mindless passivity. THIS GOD would not want people running around feeding starving people and promoting a false agenda while doing it when the very people who do these things are the people who create these conditions in the world in the first place. This god would not want the world to be divided by different languages and arbitrary cultures and all of the labels and stereotypes that are used to further divide and confuse the REAL HUMAN SPIRITUAL BEINGS by their malevolent(human appearing counterparts).

    Just consider what I am saying for a few minutes(at least). Religion does not make sense. It just is so illogical it cannot be true and the people who run all of the various religious organizations cannot possibly just believe out of blind faith all of this deception. This is basically what religion is. An organized deception designed by malevolent spiritual beings who possess human bodies. The purpose is to trick you into passivity and not to seriously question the nature of the reality of which you are living in. It delivers false teachings such as the notion that there is some all powerful god who created you and is patiently watching over you to see if you obey all of his laws. What is worse is that religion will tell you that if you violate laws set forth by governments or break rules set forth by arbitrary institutions that you are displeasing him. You are conditioned to be passive and to be anything else is unacceptable.  What you should try realize that all man is not necessarily of the same origin--either in a biological or A spiritual(consciousness) sense.  The reality very well maybe that at one time there was a very high functioning human-spiritual race of entities that were in total alignment with each other on a consciousness level and were able to communicate telepathically through their soul-consciousness before they were intervened upon by a malevolent group of souls who used advanced technology to spiritually downgrade these humans and to make them forget who they really are. These beings then could assimilate amongst them appearing to be the same race and using their tremendous edge(they are conscious of who they are) to mislead and ultimately spiritually decimate the original human race of earth and perhaps many other places in the universe.  It may be that at this very moment the situation is THIS. An ONGOING SPIRITUAL HOLOCAUST.

   ALL INSTITUTIONS and ORGANIZATIONS in the world today whether it is social, government, educational, religious, financial, ect... seek to o break up or fragment the human race into many opposing groups such as religions, cultures, nationalities, political affiliations, social classes, labeling skin color as an expression of race, ect....

    The counterfeit humans can build a powerful consensus in regards to what is true or not true  by creating arbitrary movements such as religion and then having there individual members who "appear" human to seem as if they fully embrace and support these false ideologies.  By doing this they they get others to recognize these arbitrary social, religious, educational, political, financial and economic institutions as being congruent with reality(even though they are not) thereby manipulating the host race of humans perception of reality.

Charles Noonan Vind

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