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Matter as a product of energy. Substance as a product of waves. Precipitate gather the waves in a funnel. The funnel causes rotary motion. Rotary motion causes a funnel. The motion creates a tight magnetic band similar to a torus around the apex of the funnel, the magnetic band itself is a spinning toroid which acts to contain what has been gathered. If this precipitation of energy continues the magnetic band becomes the horizontal equator. The vortex funnels become the vertical axis of the poles(gravity)--POLAR SPIN. A particle is now formed. The SPIN  has stabilized and decreased in FREQUENCY from the TIME when the CREATION of this PARTICLE first started. If the SPIN FREQUENCY was once again accelerated  to a high enough speed the PARTICLE would begin to radiate it's energy back OUTWARD into space in the form of heat, light, nradio waves and other electromagnetic radiation. The particle may simply be a precipitation of wave coherence.

   Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

    All direction is curved--All motion is spiral.

    The law generating matter seeks high pressure zones. The law radiating matter seeks low pressure zones.

  The two basic motions in the universe are the CENTRIFUGAL orbit of radiation---outward spiral(clockwise rotation) and the CENTRIPETAL orbit of generation--inward spiral flow with a (counterclockwise direction).


    The key to actual prime particles of matter is contained within the GOLDEN MEAN or PHI RATIO.   Imagine a subatomic particle as a closed loop donut like object, or a closed(tube) TORUS. The substance of this TOROIDAL OBJECT(DONUT) is composed of energy fields that are vibrating around the TORUS(DONUT) in the relationship of the GOLDEN MEAN(RATIO).

Written by Charles Noonan Vind

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