USEFUL WORDS and their definitions for generating ideas in conceptual physics

   GRID- A network of conductors for distributing electrical power. A network of horizontal and perpendicular lines.

 FABRIC- Structure or Framework.

 STRUCTURE--Something made up of interdependent parts in a definite pattern of organization.  Arrangement or relationship of elements in a body, substance, or system. (verb) The action of building.

 MODULAR-- Constructed with standardized units.

 MODULE-- An independent unit that constitutes a part of a larger structure.

 PATTERN-- An ideal model or design. CONFIGURATION.

 CONFIGURATION-- Structural arrangements of parts.

 NET-- A meshed fabric woven together at regular intervals.

 NETWORK-- A system of elements that cross that cross in the manner of threads in a that are in a net. A system of related or connected parts.

 SYSTEM-- A group of units combined to form a whole and operate in unison.  A functioning whole.

 SPIN-to draw out and twist into a thread. To move or drive in a circle or curve.

 WHEEL-A disk or circular frame that spins about a central axis. Circular movement or motion.

 AXIS-A straight line around which a body rotates. One of the reference lines of a system of coordinates.

 ROTATION- To turn or cause to turn about an axis or a center.

  MOTION-The process of moving.

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