Space matter plasma strings and electromagnetic fields
   Some people have speculated that the fabric of space is where all of
the matter in the universe came from.  Physicists refer to gravity as matter
and space gripping each other. It seems if all matter is warped space it
should have some interaction with space. The question is then what is space.
I have suggested that matter may follow lines of electrical like flux in
space and that matter also directs these flux lines. So I then started
thinking about how these currents might work and I then started reading some
articles about plasma physics and zero point energy theory.  After a while an
idea sprung to mind. What if the fabric of space is itself composed of an
extremely microscopic elastic plasma that acts as a conductor for these
electrical(like) currents. This would provide a perfect medium for these
currents and the currents could act as network for matter to travel through.
Then I thought what is matter and how it came out of the fabric of space and
I thought of strings and string theory. I then thought maybe space is
composed of strings of plasma and matter at a very fundamental level might be
composed of magnetized strings from this spatial plasma. Then a little later
quite by accident I came upon another article. It was an old  Scientific
American article about PLASMOIDS. Just in case you may have old issues it was
located on page 87 of the October 1957  Volume 197 Number 4 Issue.  The final
paragraph of the article basically says the following.

     "We can look upon the combination of plasma and a magnetic field as kind
of self shaping putty. Perhaps study of the forms assumed by this putty may
help us to understand the construction and configuration(field) of
fundamental particles such as the electron, proton, mesons and neutrinos.
They too may be made of a self organizing putty: a putty composed of an
electromagnetic field and it's own gravitational forces, which working
together, create the bodies known as particles."

   I will try to make some more notes on this article and post them on this
site. For the mean time I will include a copy of some diagrams(jpeg
image--below) of these twisting tubes of plasma(plasmoids) from page 91
of the article I have mentioned above.


   Charles Noonan Vind

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