Is the geometric arrangement of stones at STONEHENGE only for use as an ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK or does it have some additional purpose?

   The main circle of large stones is referred to by scientists as the SARSEN CIRCLE. Supposedly the SARSEN CIRCLE  was once composed of 30 upright stones that were topped by 30 LINTEL'S that were mortised at each end. A lintel is referred to as a horizontal block that lies across(perpendicular) the upright stones. Of the 30 upright stones that were originally claimed to have been there only 24 are left standing in their original positions. Of the 30 LINTEL'S  that lie across the tops of the upright stones only 5 remain in place. There is another circle outside of the SARSEN CIRCLE referred to as the AUBREY CIRCLE.  What remains of the AUBREY CIRCLE is a series of 56 evenly spaced holes which vary in depth from two to four feet.  Between the AUBREY HOLES and the SARSEN CIRCLE are two other circular patterns of holes named the Y HOLES and the Z HOLES. There are 30 holes in the Y series forming a circle roughly 35 feet outside the SARSEN CIRCLE, and supposedly only 29 holes in the Z series of holes which are about 5 to 15 feet outside of the SARSEN CIRCLE. Apparently the holes are not regularly spaced in the Y and Z holes as reported by some sources and each hole also has been found to contain a single BLUE-STONE fragment of the RHYOLITE variety of stone.


      It has been reported by ONE investigator into the STONEHENGE phenomena that STONEHENGE was apparently constructed to the universal geometric harmonics of LIGHT. This investigator states that the radius of the AUBREY CIRCLE is related directly to the SPEED of LIGHT; and the radius of the SARSEN CIRCLE corresponds to the square of the reciprocal of the speed of light.

It has also been reported that the larger STONES seem to have a CRYSTALLINE STRUCTURE and apparently may emit some form of electromagnetic radiation.

Interlocking geometrical structures. Interlocking energy fields. Higher order energy patterns.

    CRYSTAL(STONE)GRID. When a specific number of crystalline structures are aligned together in a highly specific geometrical pattern you create a CRYSTAL GRID. A Grid of structures. A set of crystalline structures. These grids or configurations can be used under the correct circumstances to generate energy fields that possess specific geometrical forms.  One such configuration is called the STAR of DAVID configuration pattern. In this configuration 6 crystalline structures of similar size are used. The structures are arranged in a pattern(within a circle) so that 6 of them are placed at the points of a hexagon with the termination(points) pointed inward. It has been said by one source that an  ETHERIC crystal is supposedly being created by aligning SIX CRYSTALS in a STAR  of DAVID configuration pattern.  In the center of this STAR of DAVID crystalline grid structure it has been said by some individuals that the energy fields converge into the center to form a pillar(tower) of light.  The STAR of DAVID configuration pattern is only one of many possible geometrical arrangements or forms that can be constructed with crystalline or stone structures.  Each configuration of structures will produce different energy patterns or energy fields with different geometrical forms that will be dependent on the particular configuration that is constructed.

    STONEHENGE possible being used as device to set up SPHERICAL energy fields.

   Harmonic relationships that have been discovered at the STONEHENGE STRUCTURE would set up opposition to the LIGHT FIELDS at the earth's surface or those LIGHT FIELDS that would prevail in space. SPACE and TIME could be altered by the manipulation of the outer all enclosing field set up by the STONEHENGE CRYSTALLINE STRUCTURE.

   The layout of STONEHENGE could be used as a plan or blueprint for a gigantic machine that could provide access for travel in space and even perhaps in time. Maybe STONEHENGE was once a device for manipulating energy fields located in our space-time continuum in order to somehow  interfere with energy fields located in a different spacetime continuum(seperate universe) or it could have been used for transporting matter(people) to and from far way spaces or even other universes.  The very pattern of STONEHENGE is suggestive of the DISC SHAPED VEHICLES  that could travel the skies.

       STONEHENGE as model for a WHEEL(possibly a spinning wheel of light)--perhaps the complete device that was once operational could have even been a VORTEX GENERATOR.

STONEHENGE is a circle and some of the stones with the lintels on top are suggestive of the symbol PI which is the expression or symbol used by ancient greeks for the relationship of the circumference of a circle to it's diameter. It is also the sixteenth letter of the GREEK ALPHABET. It also seems apparent that a STAR of DAVID configuration can fit inside the STONEHENGE CIRCLE and within that there is a HEXAGON. I have also heard from certain sources that the builders of STONEHENGE used a BASE 6 number system instead of BASE 10 number system as we do today. Supposedly these sources claim that STONEHENGE is based on a BASE 6 number system.

  Do you see how a STAR of DAVID CONFIGURATION PATTERN could fit into this circle of stone structures.  Within the outer circle is an inner HEXAGONAL configuration. Each side of the HEXAGON has two stone(crystalline) blocks(structures) side by side. Within that HEXAGON is a slightly smaller HEXAGON with each side of the HEXAGON accompanied by THREE smaller stone(crystal) blocks(structures). There is an obvious 2:3 ratio between the stones of the inner HEXAGON with the structures of the OUTER HEXAGON. 12 AND 18 ADD UP TO 30 STONES(CRYSTALS) or RESONATING STRUCTURES. This is is a 1 to 1 relationship with the 30 structures of the outer circle in this particular configuration pattern.



  Also if you look at the relationship of the triangle to the circle there is harmonic or numerical relationship between the triangle and the circle when triangular based numbers are placed within a circle in the same way that numbers are placed around a circle in a CLOCK. Starting with the number ONE the first 30 triangular numbers are 1,3,6,10,15,21,28,36,45,55,66,78,91,105,120,136,153,171,190,210,231,253,276,300,325,351,
378,406,435, AND 465. Look in the circle on the right they are also positioned on the circle. The circle is considered to be the most symmetrical two dimensional shape and the the sphere the most symmetrical three dimensional shape. Anyway if you look at the diagram above on the RIGHT you will see how I linked the numbers up. The first line up of numbers to the right of the MIDLINE is 1(at 12 degrees) and 105(at 168 degrees). 105 plus 1 equals 106. Now look at the first line up of numbers to the left  of the MIDLINE, there is 435(at 348 degrees) and 136(at 192 degrees)435 plus 136 is 571. The difference between these two values 571 and 106 is 465which is the number at the TOP of the CIRCLE.  Now look at the second line up of numbers to the right of the MIDLINE, 3(at 24 degrees) and 91(at 156 degrees)91 plus 3 equals 94. Now look at the second line up of numbers to the left  of the MIDLINE, there is 406(at 336 degrees) and 153(at 204 degrees)406 plus 153 is 559. The difference between 559 and 94 is once again 465 the NUMBER at the TOP of the CIRCLE. Also if you take the number 435(at 348 degress) and subtract it from 1(at 12 degrees) you get 434. Now go to other side and take 136(at 192 degrees) and subtract it from 105(at 168 degrees) and you get 31. Now add 434 and 31 together you get 465--the 30th triangular number which is at the top of the circle.  Clearly this pattern suggests that the triangular numbers must be a highly symmetrical grouping of numbers. Now what exactly is the significance or relationship of the TRIANGLE to the CIRCLE? Does a triangle or series of triangles inscribed within a circle serve as template or layout? Or a configuration pattern for energy and matter? Does it have something to do with the very basic or fundamental processes that govern the physics of matter and energy in this universe and perhaps other universes as well?   Also if there is a fundamental harmonic relationship of the CIRCLE and TRIANGLE is there also a a fundamental harmonic relationship to the SPHERE and the TETRAHEDRON? Could this relationship have something to do with INTERDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS? A certain source had mentioned something about HYPERDIMENSIONAL ENERGY MODULATION.

   Getting back to the CLOCK if you performed the calculations I have just done on the numbers ONE through TWELVE on an ordinary CLOCK you would get the same type of symmetries as with the triangular numbers.  So clearly it seems that STONEHENGE was meant to serve as a CLOCK in some fashion . A CLOCK to monitor the CYCLES of the MOON. It seems likely that this CLOCK function is one aspect which may be peripheral to the main function of the STONEHENGE technology. Perhaps there was an energy link or LINK UP between the MOON or FULL MOON and STONEHENGE. Perhaps this ENERGY LINK had something to do with gravitational interaction between the MOON and EARTH. Maybe  was a very advanced technology in place at STONEHENGE and perhaps other sites that took advantage of certain KEY ASTRONOMICAL ALIGNMENTS in an effort to somehow harness energy from the COSMOS for some undisclosed PURPOSE. It seems evident that not all STONEHENGE is remaining any longer and there could have been quite a number of additional components in place at an earlier time which enabled a highly technical process to occur. It seems  that STONEHENGE may have had some type of unknown relationship with THE MOON. Also because the stones still there today have a crystalline structure the other components or crystalline type structures that were once there in the circles(rings) could have originated from a foreign location, possibly THE MOON. Maybe the additional components, quite possiblY the main component's could have been precisely machined stone or CRYSTALLINE structures that may have had some very unique or unusual internal geometrical properties that played a KEY roll in creating a specific configuration of energy fields. Maybe this substance and other different kinds of unusual crystalline materials are not found on EARTH but in other places such as the moon or even other more far away areas.  If there were certain crystalline materials unique to the moon or at least not found on earth used in this ancient technological device then maybe there was once a thriving civilization on THE MOON? Perhaps THE MOON once had an atmosphere and a diverse landscape until something wiped it out leveling the surface and destroying the atmosphere. Maybe this happened due to a foreign ALIEN INTELLIGENCE possibly from another space-time continuum(different universe).

       The alignment of the POLAR AXIS of the MOON to a CIRCULAR ARRAY of CRYSTAL or crystal oscillators on the earth in order to create a RESONANT CIRCUIT with the MOON and this CIRCULAR GENERATOR.



What is the nature of the geometrical configuration of STONEHENGE? From the standpoint as STONEHENGE being a technological device I will provides some ideas, insights, and possibilities relating to it's construction.

             The use of the STONEHENGE CONFIGURATION PATTERN as a BLUEPRINT for a technological device consisting of a CIRCULAR ARRAY of FREQUENCY GENERATOR'S . These FREQUENCY GENERATOR'S -- could be OSCILLATING CRYSTALS arranged in a CIRCULAR PATTEN with specific SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS existing between the individual OSCILLATORS. Such a device could be operated by a master control that linked all of the oscillators together to form one giant CIRCULAR GENERATOR of VIBRATING CRYSTALS. The activity of each FREQUENCY GENERATOR would be carefully controlled so that the activity of each of the seperate OSCILLATORS would be synchronized with each other in highly specific fashion. The activity of each specific OSCILLATOR could be regulated in  a highly specific and precise manner in regards to it's --FREQUENCY, PHASE, and AMPLITUDE in relationship to the other OSCILLATORS that have specific SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS with each other.  These seperate OSCILLATORS could all be synchronized in TIME with specific PHASE RELATIONSHIPS between the different oscilators that are based on the specific SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS of the different FREQUENCY GENERATOR'S.  This device could be used possibly to create highly specific (interlocking) energy fields based on  certain FREQUENCY PATTERNS  that have specific SPATIAL-TEMPORAL or geometric RELATIONSHIPS to one another that could harmonically interact with a higher dimensional ENERGY SOURCE such as the ZERO PONT ENERGY FIELD that is postulated to run orthogonal to normal three dimensional space.




    The SARSEN stones and CENTRAL TRILITHONS could be likened to giant electromagnets which would set up interlocking force(energy) fields around the center of this device. The trilithon section remaining stationary(static field) in relation to the SARSEN section which would spin around it(RESONANT ROTATING FIELD).   What would result from the interaction of the SARSEN(RESONANT ROTATING FIELD) and the TRILITHON SECTION(static field)? Would it be similar to the effect produced in MAGNETICRESONANCE  in which a RESONANT ROTATING FIELD(magnetic or alternating) is imposed at right angles to a typically much larger STATIC FIELD(electrostatic) to perturb the orientation of nuclear moments(magnetic) in a piece of matter. One source suggests that the interaction of the ROTATING SARSEN FIELD with the electroSTATIC TRILITHON FIELD would be to create SPINNING MOTION.

     One source suggested that the TRILITHON SECTION because of the fact that the oval arrangment is open at one end, would act as a magnetic jet and give directional control to an aerial craft.

       The BLUE STONE CIRCLE and the AUBREY CIRCLE could possible represent wound field coils much like the ones in an armature of an electric motor(says one author).  That is suggested by the coupling of every second position in either cvircle.  If these field coils were then rotated in either direction in relation to the larger electromagnetic circles(toroid electromagnets) then spherical energy fields would be produced. If this were being used as a technology to launch a disc shaped space-craft then the sperical energy fields would encompass the whole of the vehicle. In this arrangement the Y and Z holes and the inner horse shoe electromagnetic device could represent some sort of controlling field arrangements that would provide stability and fine-tuning of the space-craft.

     According to auther BRUCE CATHIE all of the EM fields would be in perfect resonance with his unified equation and therefore with light itself.  By manipulating the energy fields through an infinite range of harmonics available, an interdimensional effect could be manifested which would allow travel in space-time.

      Now there are of course other interesting possiblites for the use of this technology based on the STONEHENGE configuration pattern. As I have suggested before it is entirely possible that STONEHENGE or any similar device based on the same TEMPLATE could be used to generate energy fields based on a STAR OF DAVID geometrical configuration of crystalline structures.  Maybe this STAR OF DAVID configuration pattern employed in a crystal grid structure and utilized in a highly specific way could be used to literally channel an enormous amount of higher-dimensional energy through the fabric of space into the center of the complex to form a pillar of light or some other massive concentration of energy. Or maybe if a huge amount of energy could be generated, possibly amplified and then focused into an extremely small area at the center of this circle then a bridge or gate could be created that would allow access to higher dimensional space possibly allowing for travel into other space-time continuums(universes) or also to act as a hyperspatial shortcut to far off distant locations in this universe.

   Perhaps also STONEHENGE should merely be looked at as a MESSAGE whose main purpose is to demonstrate the significance of the PI ratio, spherical harmonics, the use of crystal structures, relationship to higer dimensional energy flow as well as how our entire reality and all of the natural phenomena that operate within it from  sub-sub atomic particles--to DNA molecules--to TORNADOES and CYCLONES--to the SPIRAL GALAXIES and beyond.






    STONEHENGE as an ANCIENT PARTICLE or ENERGY ACCELERATOR?? Whether this true or not the STONEHENGE CONFIGURATION PATTERN which is composed of a main outer ring and an inner ring could serve as a template for the basic configuration of a particle accelerator?

   Written by Charles Noonan Vind

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