Dolphins have the ability to send and receive sonic frequencies of 180,000 cycles per second. Sound waves ten times faster than normal humans can perceive. The hearing range of normal humans(detection of sound waves) tapers off at about 16,000 to 20,000 cycles per seconds. Dolphins also have the ability to project multi-dimensional holographic images onto sound waves(patterns) and series of clicks can encode encyclopedic information that another dolphin can perceive and understand. Sound is a physical frequency that some say can be encoded with thought forms although I am currently unaware of how this is achieved or if it can actually be done by humans. Possibly a link to telepathic "radio" communications.

  There are sounds that are not specifically three dimensional in nature and originate from other dimensional spectrums. They do not have 3-d qualities. Hyperdimensional waveforms.

  Normal acoustic sound that normal humans hear is avery dense slow moving energy form.

  Harmonics are the geometric multiples created by the vibration of a specific object. The resonant frequency of an object is determined by its size and the waveform by its shape. The smaller an object in size the higher it's frequency and the shorter it's wavelength.

 Morphic field "shape field"a field that holds something in place. Fields exist just about everywhere created by movement, geometry, light, sound and other waveforms. Fields can be created when music is played. Sonic field(matrix).

     Sound creates waveforms. Sound has a relationship to geometry. Harmonic related sounds are used to create geometric fields. Spherical harmonics are an example. tHE PYTHAGOREAN TRIANGLE(345 triangle) can be expressed through specific harmonic ratios. The PYTHAGOREAN TRIANGLE CAN BE USED AS A BUILDING BLOCK FOR USING HARMONICS TO CREATE MANY DIFFERENT GEOMETRIC WAVEFORMS.

   Both sound and light are measured in frequencies. Sound is oscillations in the 100's to 1000's of cycles per seconds. Light is oscillations in trillions of cycles per second. Mathematically you can speed up sound waves by forty octaves(doubling them forty times) and you come up with frequencies within the parameters of light wave oscillations.

   Quartz crystals have the ability to take one form of energy and transfer it into another form of energy. Quartz crystals can Transduce Energy. Quartz crystals can turn mechanical energy into electric impulses and electric energy into mechanical energy. This is referred to as the piezoelectric effect.

 Interlocking geometrical structures. Interlocking energy fields. Higher order energy patterns.

    CRYSTAL(STONE)GRID. When a specific number of crystalline structures are aligned together in a highly specific geometrical pattern you create a CRYSTAL GRID. A Grid of structures. A set of crystalline structures. These grids or configurations can be used under the correct circumstances to generate energy fields that possess specific geometrical forms.  One such configuration is called the STAR of DAVID configuration pattern. In this configuration 6 crystalline structures of similar size are used. The structures are arranged in a pattern so that 6 of them are placed at the points of a hexagon with the termination(points) pointed inward. Since all known crystals are hexagonal in nature an ETHERIC crystal is supposedly being created by aligning SIX CRYSTALS in a STAR  of DAVID configuration pattern.  In the center of this STAR of DAVID crystalline grid structure it has been said by some individuals that the energy fields converge into the center to form a pillar(tower) of light.

The human body has a constant flux or flow of electricity through it so in a sense the human body is an electromagnetic coil or antenna.  Human DNA which IS a supercoiled two stranded molecule acts as an antenna and is known to emit electromagnetic radiation.

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