I am suggesting that before the existence of
electromagnetism as a single force that a phenomenon may have existed that was a
"pure" electric force and a phenomenon that was a pure magnetic force may have
also existed. Or maybe just different or more fundamental phenomenon or physics
existed prior to the universe and the electromagnetic force that is observed
today was created out of these more fundamental phenomenon..

 It seems quite possible that the laws of physics were evolved from other
phenomenon, possibly phenomenon from other universes. All of the matter and
energy that makes up our universe may have come out of a black hole but then
again maybe it didn't. There is a theory called the baby universe hypothesis where
a black hole singularity cuts offs from the black hole and then forms into a new
bubble which is termed a baby universe by some physicists. I have heard that a
blackhole strips matter and energy down to it's most fundamental constituents.
If blackholes do this and it is all tightly compressed into a singularity then
maybe when this singularity composed of a dense kernel of a basic energy
structure gets to a certain critical mass  it may squeeze off and leave the
blackhole as a small baby universe seperate from our own. Once this bubble is on
it's own the singularity of mass/energy may expand to form a new larger universe
out of this bubble.  The laws of physics however may be reshuffled in this new
universe as this basic energy phenomenon may evolve a completely new  energy
pattern (a structural mutation) which has different physics than the universe it
had descended from.

    Also if our universe is a finite spatially closed universe and is in the
form of a bubble then perhaps the surface of this bubble is a membrane of
elastic energy that contains all of the energy that caused it to expand in the
first place. If this is so then this bubble's wall may have an extremely
enormous energy density therefore it would have a massive gravitational
influence.  My question to those whose want to answer this question is this.
Would it be possible in your view that the gravitational field of this bubble
wall would tend to draw matter out away from the center or would this energy
from the bubble's surface at some point become so great that the universe would
gravitaionally close back on itself.  Perhaps many universes including our own
universe seed and give rise to other universes just as all life on this planet
reproduces itself . This would allow the process to go on indefintiely so that
even when one universe comes to an end there are other universes left behind in
it's place just like parents leave behind their children after they die--the
next generation.

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