" Magentic fields can penetrate certain types of superconductors and form strings of condensed magnetic fields. Thus magnetic fields instead of being spread out over an area, are concentrated into thin strings of magnetic field energy that can penetrate the superconductor."

    "The cooling universe would have a doain structure in which the fields associated with the various forces would have assumed different forms. "

    " At the boundaries between these domains there will be a general mismatch in the arrangement of fields on either side of the boundary. This could result in a dislocation where the fields may even be tied up in a knot(topological defect).  One feature that would be produced  by these mismatches is series of slender tubes whose internal space would contain an excited vacuum phase of energy. These are what physicists refer to as cosmic strings.  They might essentially be tubes of electric or magnetic field energy. Others have called them complicated structures of energy. "

" Some physicists theorize cosmic strings to be infinitely long while other think they may form CLOSED LOOPS . It is speculated that the field that the field energy is so concentrated within these strings that a kilometer length might weigh as much as a planet the size of our earth.

Perhaps the very fabric of space itself is composed of extremely thin strings of energy. These strings of energy could in turn be made up of magnetic field energy sub-units. Perhaps matter is formed from massless particles interacting withs magnetic field phenomena. If this is so then perhaps magnetic field phenomena plays a central role in gravity itself. Perhaps the magnetic nature of matter warps the spatial (string) fabric via a magnetic field attraction. Maybe the currents of energy I talk about in my theory are producing a magnetic field phenomena just like electrons flowing through a wire produce magnetic fields. The difference maybe that this electromagnetic phenomenon is on a more microscopic scale than magnetism produced from moving electrons or protons but with the same basic properties.  Perhaps matter is produced from waves of pure energy(POSSIBLY LIGHT) that are magntized and this magnetic phenomena  contains this energy into a closed structure. If this is so then light itself may be even more fundamental a phenomenon than is currently thought.  Maybe light is essentially electric in nature. Perhaps it is the origin of a pure electrical force that maybe will only manifest as matter when it interacts with magnetic phenomena. There may have been a time when electrical and magnetic phenomena existed purely as distinct and seperate entities and that something happened or the right conditions presented themselves  for these two phenomenon to merge into a single superforce that was responsible for creating the laws of physics which in turn led to the formation of all the forms of matter we see today.

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