Humans described as erect beings thaty stand at right angles(90 degrees) to the earth's surface due to gravity.

Maximun interference between waves occur at 90 degree angles. Any physicist knows this is where the action is. Matter is siiply the 90 degree-ness of waves of energy(interlocking waveforms). Matter has been described as the intersection of energy patterns forming nodes of interference(matter as nodal patterns).

      Everything in the universe can be reduced to frequency or angle. If something is moving very slow and does not seem to repeat or make a FULL CIRCLE then all it has is ANGLE. If you make it half way through a particular CYCLE the angle is said to be 180 degrees which is exactly half way around the circle. Once a cycle is completed then cycle has made a FULL CIRCLE or REVOLUTION. How many times that CYCLE has been completed is the frequency. FREQUENCY is the amount of TIME'S a FULL CYCLE has been completed.  ELECTROMAGNETIC VIBRATIONS such as radio waves have very high rates of repition in a short PERIOD of TIME.   Conversely the rate at which the EARTH makes one FULL CYCLE around the sun is very slow and takes a much longer period of time to complete a cycle than the radio waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

   There are no rythms in nature that are absolutely perfect meaning that everything in the universe is just slightly out of phase with everything else. That is where the magic is said to come in to play because things seem to jump or lock into resonant circuits or frequencies.

  Values in nature(physics) chan ge over time. There are no unchanging constants. The laws of physics may not have necessarily been the same many millions or billions of years ago.

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