Newsgroup response to my physics theory

 I have read about and have thought about quite a bit about what you are
saying in regards to what wheeler refers to as the quantum foam or the
sub-microscopic energy fluctuations embedded in space. Some others refer to
this as zero point energy or as virtual flux of particles. My best guess
right now is that these are currents of energy which mave have a specific
structure-- in other words flowing energy structures. Indeed matter may have
arose from these structures but to keep their spin or to keep the cycle going
they must have some kind of energy force to tap into. These currents would
drive the spin in the matter that would drive the laws of physics as we know
it. I have read a book called "Tapping the ZERO POINT" by Moray B. King which
I ordered online from He describes the virtual energy flux as
hyperspatial energy currents that run orthogonal to our 3-d space. While I
agree with some points he makes and disagree with others his book is full of
ideas and concepts of an extremely potent nature.  As I have said before I
think there may be phenomena, operating instructions, or laws of physics that
are more fundamental than our own that are nested inside of our own physics.
It is this simpler phenomenon which may have evolved the energy
structures(you call them particles) that are nested within space,and these
structures in turn  evolved the matter that we observe in our universe today.
There may other phenomenon or structures that operate outside space as we
know it and in another space that is on different level or frequency domain
of energy. If the fabric of our space is filled with this energy flux then is
the space with which it is nested in  composed of something still more exotic
or fundamental. It seems possible that the space itself acts as a feedback
interface for the closed loop of matter and energy may compose our universe.
Aside from this I also think that the concept of structure is very important
as it should determine how matter and energy will operate in a closed
system(feedback loop) which is ultimately what our universe may be. If this
is so then our universe may be eternal unless of of course something were to
happen that would interrupt this cycle. Indeed if all matter is plugged into
this flux of energy via the basic energy structure that arose from this flux
itself then if a piece of matter became disconnected from the system then it
seems as though it might fall into a state of non-existence.

G=EMC^2 Glazier wrote:

> Hi Charles  Well I'm not as smart as uncle Al,but he is not as smart as
> John Wheeler.             I've had my own theory that the fabric of
> space is made of sub-particles(have no mass) much like the photon.It
> took gravity to compress them into mass particles(quarks electrons etc)
> That is what my equation is all about. It makes good sense that all
> matter came from the fabric of space.Space is a very dynamic realm. Ask
> yourself if not space where could the matter particles be created? In
> the sub-micro I see gravity as Greene sees it in his quantum gravity
> theory. Nature's strongest force. In the macro realm gravity again is
> tied in greatly with energy(motion) and matter. I once had a theory
> (long time ago) that just had gravity> Now its gravity + space =
> universe   Herb