Moving magnetic(field) monopoles in the heart of subatomic particles

  An electron posesses a negative electric charge. Does the electron have
structure or in other words is it made up of smaller substructures that are
orbiting one another inside the space of an electron. If this is so then
electrons may very well composed of magnetic monopole like structures. The
motion of the monopoles in the electron space would produce the electric
field. In the case of the electron it would have more negative magnetic
monopoles accounting for it's negative electric field. In the case of a
psoitively charged subatomic particle it would be the opposite. Maybe all
subatomic matter is made up of monopole combinations. This would explain where
all the monopoles are. They would be bound up in the heart of subatomic
matter. The next question would be what are monopoles made of? Maybe warped
space that contains electromagnetic field energy.

  The following statements were inspired from the passage that I will quote
from below which is from the book:   The Harmonic Conquest of Space"  by
Bruce L. Cathie.

    (page 52) " I believe that magnetic monopoles exist and that the creation
of matter is dependent on the coupling of the monopoles into individual units. I
can visualize streams of monopoles, both of positive and negative charge
according to their spin , passing through each other and pairing off to form
physical particles. The process would be much the same as the closing of a
zipper."(page 52)

      One item I will quote which he mentions several times in his book is
that "all of matter may be ultimately composed of geometrical combinations of
resonating interlocking waveform's."

     Charles Noonan Vind

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