Is the universe a a closed feedback loop of matter/energy

I have recently presented a working theory about the workings of matter,
energy, gravity, and the universe at a very fundamental level. I know it was
very long and thought it may not be a conventional theory it based on logic,
observations from real world phenomena, as well as ideas from well known
scientists that I have borrowed from. Anyway I will make this artcle much
shorter and then ask if anyone has any constructive insight or feedback in
regards to my questions or conjectures.

   In my theory one of the most central aspects to it was the idea that our
universe evolved from a fundamental energy structure, which itself may have
evolved from massless structures that are nested within the spatial
fabric(interacting with an energy flux orthogonal to 3D space). This basic
energy substrate could have served as template for creation of matter and
should have therefore determined all of the parameters for the physical laws
observed today. All more complex forms of matter may have then evolved from
this basic unit of matter/energy. Another central point is that all matter in
our universe is being driven by an energy source that interfaces with matter
through this basic energy structure which is contained within all matter. I
further go on to state this flowing of energy through our universes
most basic energy/matter structure produces the fields and forces that are
produced in
nature. This is where I think  the force of gravity might orginate. Now it
could even be possible that gravitational phenomena is basically the same as
electrical or
electromagnetic phenomena but on a different magnitude and at a different
strength  and that space itself(at least the dimensional space of which our
universe occupies) contains an electrical medium composed of flowing currents
of electrical
energy(charges). If this is so then space and matter may unify to form the
force known as gravity that may be closely related to the electromagnetic
force(electrical charges and magnetic
fields). In fact the same(EM) force may exist on different magnitudes as
different forces. It quite possibly could be then that the laws of physics
and all of the forces in nature are essentially electromagnetic phenomena.
If what I say were to be essentially or
generally true then it is even perhaps possible that our entire universe,
based on this basic energy structure  plugged into an energy grid which in
turns drives all matter(motion of) and its forces is nothing more than a
closed FEEDBACK LOOP of MATTER and ENERGY. The energy that is radiated out as
the forces is slowly reabsorbed as theses forces fall off in
strength possibly due to a friction component that is integrated into this
energy structure or the medium of energy that is embedded in space itself.
 there might exist a system of universes that are interconnected by a
hyperspatial energy grid which allows this flowing energy to feedback through
many different 3-d planes running along an infinite hyperspatial continuum
perpendicular in direction to 3D space.

           Charles Noonan Vind

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