Gravity as interaction of electromagnetic forces between space and matter

 Space and matter could be unified into a single force which is already
referrred to as gravity. Embedded in space would be flowing currents of
electrical(like)energy that are attracted to matter. The electrical currents
would produce a magnetic(like)field  and matter would in turn be attracted to
these currents by these magnetic fields. Therefore gravity could be seen
simply as the interaction of electromagnetic(like)forces between space and
matter.  Some physicists like to say that space grips matter telling it how
to move and matter grips space telling it how to curve or bend.  For example
a large mass such as the earth will draw in more current than a much smaller
body. The more current in a given amount of space will equal a greater EM
force.  The gravitational force of the earth attracting a much smaller amount
of mass such as an 100 LB. rock would be the combination of the
electrical(like)attraction of the matter particles in the rock being gripped
by the electrical currents in space which are in turn being pulled toward the
earth's mass and the magnetic attraction of matter to the current itself due
to a magnetic(like) field produced from the flowing currents.

   It also appears that these effects are being possibly mediated by some
sort of waveform phenomenon or radiation coming from matter. One example to support this thought is the finding by some physicists that if a given amount of mass such as the earth or sun  is compressed into  a smaller and smaller amount of space it's gravity will increse proportionally. Another phenomenon which anyone of us can expience is the coherence of light waves. I will give an example below.

    If you have an area of land the size of a football field and have 1,000
small halogen lights(each one measuring a few hundred watts in power output)
and you scatter these lights out over the football field the combined effect
of these lightbulbs will not be very great.  Now if you take all of those
same lights and move them all very close together then there will be a much
greater coherence of electromagnetic radaition(light waves) among these
different lightbulbs. The light will sem much brighter provided that you are
doing this at night.  It seems that this same effect with the lightbulbs in
the field is the same as the increased gravity experienced when a certain
amount of matter is compressed into smaller and smaller spaces. It seems
likely that there is a greater coherence of gravitational energies emanating
from matter when matter is squeezed more closely together.  Since I have
already postulated that gravity is the electromagnetic interactions of matter
with a medium of electrical currents flowing through space I will
additionally postulate that gravity is mediated by a wave
phenomena(radiation) within this electrical medium (which may be) embedded in
space. The closer matter is to other matter the greater of a coherence of
gravitational(wave) energy and the greater the gravitational influence upon
the spatial fabric.

      Charles Noonan Vind

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