Biophysicists have demonstrated in their experiments that DNA(deoxy-ribo-nucleic acid)--the molecular code for life resonantly absorbs electromagnetic energy in the microwave range of the frequency spectrum.

   These biophysicists classify the interaction of electromagnetic waves with biological matter into two categories:thermal and non-thermal.  They have found in their experiments that microwaves in the 300 MEGAHERTZ(millions of cycles per second) to 3 GIGAHERTZ(billions of cycles per second) range of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum can be thermally absorbed by causing a dipolar molecule, such as water to oscillate in a frictional media, thereby dissipating the energy in the form of heat.

   Nonthermal absorbtion of electromagnetic energy is reported to be far more obscure and controversial since it is thought to occur at relatively low levels of power(amplitude).

    It has been demonstrated in some experiments among biophysicists that DNA moleucles can non-thermally absorb energy from microwaves partially because the DNA chains exihibit a phenomenon known as RESONANCE.  All physical systems biological or otherwise have some sort of natural resonance at certain frequencies(resonant frquency). For instance a violin string has a natural resonant frequency that is directly related to it's lenth, mass(thickness), and it's tension.  If plucked and left alone the violin string will quite readily vibrate that frequency until the energy it has aquired has been completely dissipated back out of the string. If the string is forced to vibrate at another frequency it will do so but without  much enthusiasm.  However when the driving frequency approaches the resonant frequency of the string the amplitude of the strings vibrations will increse manyfold  and the string will resonate in harmony with the driving force.

     The researchers in one particular experiment found that microwaves of around 3 gigahertz could resonantly drive a longitudinal vibration mode in dna chains by electrically coupling with ions residing on the backbone of the DNA helix.

    In regards to energy absorbtion of the dna molecule as opposed to the solution that was used in some of these experiments researchers found(in one particular experiment) an absorbtion coefficient that was 400 times greater than the solvent alone at 11 gigahertz, when using a solution that contained a mixture of dna chain lengths.


      When a force is applied repeatedly at the natural frequency of any system large amplitude oscillations result. This is the phenomenon known in physics as RESONANCE.

         When a vibrating system is pushed or driven at the natural frequency of that system--RESONANCE occurs.

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