A response to an unknown psychopath on a newsgroup


What you just said is unsubstantiated bullshit you  are a psychopathic
maloevoent beast.  None of the data you are providing or talk about can
proved of as real(just as about anything mentioned in history books
especially 1897 and before--or was that 1947).  as usual you are
probably just flapping your gums keeping in step with your parasitic
protocol. I am providing information for real benevolent human beings
who want to think on their own, not to the malevolent race of
parahumans you belong to whoever you really are behind the that stupid
psuedonym that use and the phony HUMAN facade that you wear like a
cheap SUIT.

Uncle Al wrote:

  Charles Vind wrote:
  > The Cosmos is composed of a material fluid.

  If it moves with the Earth then star and galaxy positions are
  displaced vs those observed in free space.  Disproven by Hipparchos
  satellite observations.

  If it doesn't move with the Earth then the Michelson-Morley experiment
  cannot null to 3x10^(-15),

       Supposedly done in 1897 but probably did not happen as your race
was too busy decimating the human popoulation at the time.

  Phys. Rev. Lett. 42(9) 549 (1979)
  Phys. Bull. 21 255 (1970)

  Magazines put out by psychopathic thugs do not count as any a real
human can count as fact.

   I apologize for the crudeness of this message but there is a race or species of some very ugly viscious and malevolent people on this earth right now that are harming and destroying human beings and the human race in it's entirety

  Charles Vind--http://www.west.net/~simon/index.html