An interactive, Imagination-based place for experiencing science and technology

I have a dream of creating a place that combines fact with fiction. A place that generates interest through fantasy, but that teaches - without coertion - about science and technology. Stepping into such a place would be like boarding the spaceship "Serenity", or visiting "Tattooine". You might, upon visiting, be challenged to chart a course for a space freighter, and you might need to know a bit about gravity, or you'd have to pick it up if you didn't want to crash or be stranded with no fuel! Or, you might be given the task of providing drinking water and food to a planetful of people with few resources. Or with just the resources your mind can create.
Can this dream be made real? I like to think so, and I'm looking for others who think so too.

I am talking about creating a Science Magic museum.

The museum should be built near a large city and a major highway. Support for the museum would come from corporate benefactors, cooperative agreements with Government institutions, and from private funding.
Major areas of presentation will include (sorry for being so general):

The construction of the center will be of locally available materials. In the desert environment (for example), concretized earth could be the primary building material. Walls would be thick, to isolate the center from the desert heat. Wind catchers, labyrinths, subterranean pools, and earth mass would contribute to the stabilization of indoor temperature. These ancient techniques, used for centuries in the desert civilizations of the Middle East, would be augmented by modern methods of natural light utilization to provide a naturally cool but well-lit indoor environment.

Please help us make this museum a reality. If you are excited by the possibilities -as I am, then I hope you can lend your support.


-Brian Rich
I welcome your comments and suggestions.
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