Science/Magic Museum
Statement of Purpose

  1. Science Magic museum will serve the local community by providing an environment for informal learning in the areas of science and technology. Emphasis will be placed on the communication of scientific ideas and technical skills.
  2. The museum will be populated with a variety of interactive exhibits. The purpose of these exhibits will be to present scientific ideas in creative and interesting ways. Where possible, the exhibits will be open-ended, allowing visitors to build their scientific knowledge at their own pace, in their own style.
  3. Museum programs will encourage participants to learn technical skills while helping to create new interactive exhibits or presentations. Participants will learn important technical skills from volunteer or paid experts on staff or from the community.
  4. The future will see tremendous growth in the technologies of matter manipulation at the atomic and molecular scale. Quasi-intelligent machines and sensors will proliferate. The areas of communications, manufacturing, and transportation will see radical changes as these devices are brought on-line.
  5. Science Magic museum will explore these advances as they happen, and will attempt to involve our visitors and students in learning experiences that will help to prepare them for these changes, and perhaps inspire them to take an active role in their development.

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