July 20, 2010

Last year, I organized a Saturday Science Carnival at my neighborhood elementary school. That experience brought back for me the realization of just how MUCH I enjoy creating hands-on activities for kids to share with their parents, and to have a fun time learning new things.
I think I'm going to do it again next year. This time I will start earlier (like, right now) with the planning, because it got a bit hectic toward the end!
I'm also now looking for some kind of sponshorship, so that I can do the same thing on a wider scale. Starting with the REST of my local elementary schools, and growing outward from there.
There's so much to do! And it's so much fun!

September 22, 2008

Creating a science center out of whole cloth has proven to be too big a job for little me. My focus right now is to develop plans for a touring science show. This is not a new idea for me, I have notebooks full of ideas, sample scripts, apparatus designs and so on.
But I think it's time to start anew. One of the catalysts for this has been my daughter's ability to make friends among the movers and shakers of our small community. She made good friends with our mayor, and she counts at least one county supervisor among her contacts.
So, taking a page from her playbook, I've become much more active in presenting my ideas and meeting people. Here's to a big change and redirection....

What I Still Need to do:

Do you have any suggestions?

Or do you want to be involved directly? Person-power is definitely needed!

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